Tristram the Trigren

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21 Mar 2016
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Was available this March, but I won it in auction.
Egg was already immortal.

Hatched on 15.11.2016.
Reached Stage 3 on 25.01.2017.
Reached Stage 4 on 16.12.2018.

About Trigren Eggs

Trigren eggs appear to have wings that are made from cloverleaves! But because they're so light and thin like a leaf, they cannot cause the egg to fly because of its heavier weight (so it won't get away from you!).

About the Trigren Creature

Because Trigrens do not have a four-leaf clover on their tail, they are generally thought of as "unlucky" around St. Patrick's Day and, consequently, aren't called upon to assist in treasure hunts for gold.

Despite this superstition, Trigrens are remarkably smart and resourceful. Fully grown Trigrens do have the ability to fly with their wings which make them suitable for transporting goods and items (especially items you find during a treasure hunt). They are incredibly loyal to their owners and don't mind the extra work.

For whatever reason, Trigrens are most commonly found and seen near St. Patrick's Day.