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22 Aug 2016
2 May 2017
12 May 2018
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"I was seeing some friends that’s why I was shy shy shy
It’s not a good time for me to meet sorry
I’ll call you later in a little bit"

This creature belongs to @sandara

About Compewt Eggs

The dubious structural integrity of Compewt eggs force them into a fluctuating glitch-like state of appearance. Portions of the shells' texture will flicker in and out of existence with the possibility of the eggs themselves momentarily disappearing from reality. It is difficult to manage one of these eggs without it phasing completely through hands or other objects.

About the Compewt Creature

Compewts are digital creatures that have been manifested into a physical, albeit unstable, form via groundbreaking advances in computer technology. Conceived by a small team of students at the Faela Institute of Technology as an answer to increasing Clickroach numbers in Faela City, the creature was released as a public beta to widespread critical acclaim despite its shortcomings. If not for their malfunctioning appearance, Compewts would be practically indistinguishable from a living, breathing creature.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Compewts have adapted their sporadic glitching into a form of camouflage to ambush and 'devour' Clickroaches. The Faela Institute of Technology has not elaborated on the feeding process of Compewts, but it seemingly involves breaking down their prey into data which is then quarantined inside their body until later deletion. Since their introduction into the public, Clickroach populations have been brought down significantly in Faela City and various urban areas.