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About Gansokoro Eggs

Gansokoro eggs can only hatch in the middle of warmly-kept wreaths. A Gansokoro's bond with its wreath should not be severed once set; you must leave it there until hatching.

About the Gansokoro Creature

Newly-hatched Gansokoro chicks are known for being high-energy and filled with cheer. In fact, they have a difficult time staying still in their wreath, as they are very curious and like exploring and collecting small items.

When a Gansokoro chick is big enough and has evolved, it will begin to take its childhood wreath apart and wear it wherever it goes.

Gansokoros are cousins of geese, but they do not make a "honk" sound. Rather, they make a "la la" sound, which makes them easy to insert into productions involving Christmas choirs.