EasterCandy the Spoto

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16 Apr 2017
23 Dec 2017
29 Jul 2018
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Dates Available Apr 14 - Apr 30, 2017
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About Spoto Eggs

Spoto eggs are spotted with balls of chocolate. It's important to note that these chocolate spots are not meant for eating and, if consumed, are extremely bitter and disgusting.

Spoto eggs are mostly wrapped with a bow, since they are often given as gifts between Arkian neighbors around Easter time.

About the Spoto Creature

Spotos, when young, spend most of their time sleeping and hibernating to become strong and mature. Once they reach their midlife, they become much more energetic and enjoy collecting and passing out candies around Easter time to children embarking upon the Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Ark.

Spotos do produce a rare chocolate that can be harvested from their waste (yuck!). This chocolate is refined and then served as a delicacy in Ark's most expensive and richest restaurants. It is not available for sale in regular stores; only a handful of restaurants on Ark are licensed by the Town Hall to serve the product.