Guerreira the Nyankh

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13 Aug 2017
11 Mar 2018
9 Sep 2018
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Guerreira (female warrior in portuguese) is a grey (blue) female cat that is 7 years old, she is really elegant and charming, and calm and caring, but really scary when the others are fighting and she tries to separate them (I think she is a pacifist)
She was rescued by her previous owner (a really kind,friendly and gentle old man) when she was abandoned on the streets when she was only some days.
She had a really good life and, together with one more cat and a dog, was really loved by her owner, but, sadly, he passed away at the age of 82, and what he had of kindness his family hadn't. After he died the family began to fight because he was rich, and they didn't care with his pets at all, they only wanted his money.
The only person who cared about the pets was his granddaughter (fortunately almost all his money went to her), she was just like him, but because she was allergic, and because my brother was the only veterinarian that could take more animals, she begged him to take the three pets, and that is how they joined our big family.
It is being almost 1 year that they are with us, but the granddaughter always visit us (she takes an anti-allergic pill before playing with the animals), the three like her a lot, even my animals jump when they see her, she also made big anonymity donations.

This creature belongs to @sandara

About Nyankh Eggs

The rediscovery of Nyankh eggs came from a set of ancient stone tablets unearthed at an excavation site near Leila. The eggs were believed to be from an extinct species, only depicted in drawings on recovered stone tablets, until the mysterious glyphs on the stone were translated and revealed the eggs' hidden location.

A Nyankh egg will siphon life from the person it is being held by in order to revive itself. The Science and Research Center is unable to explain how this life-draining ability works and not much is known about the egg or the creature itself after it hatches.

When the egg is on the verge of hatching, eerie whispers of an unknown tongue are heard from within the shell and its gold markings start to glitter with an otherworldly light.

About the Nyankh Creature

Nyankhs have a strong, silent presence with an air of intelligence and dignity beyond measure. The same ancient tablets that led to the species' discovery also mentions that those who are brave enough to meet its golden gaze will be able to communicate with it telepathically. Stealthy navigators of their environment, Nyankhs soundlessly disappear off into the night without warning to an unknown destination.

Accompanying every Nyankh is a solid gold orb, an item fetching a very high price on the black market, but they will soon perish if separated from it. The orb is said to harness the Nyankh's power to cross back-and-forth between the physical and spiritual worlds.

They are not social creatures, preferring only the companionship of a single person. It was believed long ago that if the human it was loyal to were to die, the Nyankh would follow them to the afterlife, capable of the journey because of their connection to the spiritual world.