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About Korakara Eggs

Korakara eggs begin growing their four-leaf clover shortly after being laid. Removing the four-leaf clover from a Korakara egg will mean that the egg will not hatch, effectively ending its life.

About the Korakara Creature

Korakaras, after they first hatch, are very shy and do not come out of their shells frequently, unless to find or eat food lying on the ground in the surrounding area. Korakaras also, strangely, overheat very easily when they are young; heat exhaustion is a threat to their health. Their shell actually repels and radiates heat on its exterior, keeping the inside cool and moist.

Once Korakaras have literally "come out of their shell", they begin to develop their personality. Many Korakaras remain reserved in their adult life but some who had positive social experiences in their youth become quite social and scavenge the jungle floor for items.

A Korakara's four-leaf clover stays with them for the entire duration of their life and can even outlive the creature inside the shell itself. For good luck, many Korakara owners remove the four-leaf clover from their creature after it has passed away.