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About Imovsa Eggs

Imovsa eggs are not born but made. The first Imovsa was created as an part of an experiment in intelligence by Howard East when he still worked at the SAR Center. The experiment was a success and the first Imovsa was created with hyper-intelligence. This experiment also rendered it sterile, a problem that the first Imovsa solved with genetic recombination and cloning. Thus each generation of Imovsa created is done so by the generation before it.

About the Imovsa Creature

All Imovsas are extremely intelligent and are driven to create. Many experiments that a Imovsa preforms are on themselves, the species as a whole has an extreme aversion to testing on any other living thing. No Imovsa wants to have the same mistake happen that created their species. The majority of the Imovsa population lives in Faela City where they create many of the marvels of science that the city is known for.