Browne the Rhoull

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9 May 2019
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Snowstar- White she-cat with yellow eyes.

Echotail- Brown she-cat with dark rings around her tail.

Medicine cat~
Nettlewhisker- Light brown almost orange she-cat with amber eyes. Apprentice, Blizzardpaw

Palebriar- Light brown she-cat, with hazel eyes, and speckled fur with dark-brown. Apprentice, Hatchpaw
Larchcall- White stripped tom with golden eyes.
Brownear- Tan tom with brown eartips and tail with green eyes.
Ripplebreeze- Blue-ish tabby tom with cobalt blue eyes. Apprentice, Brackenpaw
Starlingsong-Blue-ish black she cat with an elegant, glossy pelt and pale blue eyes - Rowanstorm's last remaining family member
Foxthistle- Ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes.
Lynxfoot- Pale gray tom with brown paws and blue eyes. Apprentice, Birchpaw
Lilywish- Pretty pale gray she-cat with silver splotches and light blue eyes.
Wolftalon- Large gray tom with dark gray markings and blue eyes. Apprentice, Gorsepaw
Sparrowsong- Gray mottled she-cat with a white muzzle and deep blue eyes. Apprentice, Lichenpaw

Hatchpaw- Speckled gray tom, with yellow eyes.
Brackenpaw- Dark-brown tom with with paws.
Birchpaw- Light brown tabby, she-cat with hazel eyes. (@wolfkit)
Gorsepaw- Tan striped tom with amber eyes.
Lichenpaw- Dark brown she-cat with green eyes.
Blizzardpaw- White tom with thick fur and green eyes.

Hazelpelt- Light brown speckled she-cat.

Timbereye Brown tabby tom, with green eyes.
Snailstep Old wiry she-cat with dirty-blonde hair.

Cedarkit Dark brown tom, with a white tail-tip.
Thornkit Light brown she-cat with white paws.
Sagekit Gray tom with black paws and tail tip.


Pinestar- Short-tail brown tom.

Brightcloud- Small golden tabby she-cat.

Medicine cat~
Poppydust- Dark-gray she-cat.

Gorsedrop- Old black tom.
Ashflake- Thin gray tom.
Snowleap- Small gray and white tom.
Apprentice, Thrushpaw
Smoketail- Gray tom with a dark brown tail. (@wolfkit)
Ravenflake- Brown tabby tom.
Apprentice, Sunpaw
Heatherwhisker- Gray tabby she-cat.
Crowheart- Dark gray smoky tom with yellow eyes
Talonscar- Huge blue tom with a long scar across his face and yellow eyes
Apprentice, Applepaw
Cricketcry - Small tan she-cat with blue eyes
Honeydrop- Golden she-cat with amber eyes

Thrushpaw- Very small tabby she-cat.
Sunpaw- Blonde she-cat.
Applepaw- Long-legged light brown she-cat.

Mistystep- Light gray paws, and russian blue body.
Firestorm- Ginger tom.

Mothtooth- Old gray tom.
Oddspring- Old blonde she-cat.

Podkit-Brown tom with tan spots[/b]
Nettlekit Black she-cat with hazy blue eyes [/b]
Duskkit - Dark golden brown tom[/b]
Hollykit - Pale she-cat with black paws[/b]


Silverstar- A silver tom with a dark gray undercoat.

Brightcloud- Large tom with ice blue eyes, light ginger fur with brown paws, tail tip, and stripe across the back. With a long jagged scar across his eye. (@wigglytuff)
Apprentice, Sandypaw

Medicine cat~
Cherrywing- Red she-cat with small pale ginger spots

Newtstem- Dark brown tom with long, thick stripes
Dawnwhisper- (@wigglytuff) Pretty golden tabby she-cat with green eyes and a long tail - Rowanstorm's mate. Kind, calm, and understanding. Very protective of others she cares about.
Cinderfall - Speckled gray she-cat
Crowfire - Black tom with amber eyes
Yellowflower- Tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow-orange eyes
Scarred Orange tom with green eyes
Frostheart - Large pure white tom with blue eyes
Fadingbreeze - Pale gray she-cat with green eyes
Twilightsky - Slim pitch black she-cat with a white chest
Adderstrike - Slim dark brown she-cat with yellow eyesApprentice, Puddlepaw
Splashpelt - Light brown she-cat with brown splotches Apprentice, Minnowpaw
Tallgrass - Long-legged pale tom with blue eyes
Bloomface - White she-cat with a brown face, paws and tail tip and blue eyes
Dewspeckle - Pale blue tom with dark specks and blue eyes
Whiterain - Small white she-cat with a black tail tip and blue eyes
Dustclaw - Tan tom with a brown muzzle and amber eyes
Quailwing - Light gray tom with long dark stripes across his back and amber eyes
Mallowpetal - Dark tortoiseshell she-cat with dark amber eyes

Puddlepaw - Blue tabby tom with blue eyes
Minnowpaw - Silver she-cat with yellow eyes

Creekwatcher- Blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes
Ambergaze - Dark orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Mouthpad - Scruffy tan tom with green eyes
Darkclaw- Black she-cat with blue eyes

Bouncekit - Small brown tom
Flamekit -Orange-brown she Cat
Slatekit - Gray striped tabby tom


Duskstar- Smoky tan tom with deep amber eyes

Ivyflake- Pale orange she-cat with dark spots and green eyes.

Medicine cat~
Rosewhisper- A tan-red she-cat

Furzetuft - Golden tabby tom with brown stripes
Robinrunner -Ginger she-cat with green eyes
Larchblaze - Brown tom with tan specks and amber eyes
Logdust -Red-ish she-cat with golden markings
Cherryfeather - Small tan she cat with blue eyes
Shiningheart - Pure white she-cat with pretty blue eyes
Furzeleap - Long-legged tan tabby tom with black markings and yellow eyes
Lightfoot - Tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with green eyes
Fallenleaf - Small tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes
Weedtail - Lanky cream-colored tom with brown stripes and amber eyes
Sunleap - Golden tom with a pale muzzle and ginger paws
Branchleg - White tom with hazel and black splotches, green eyes, and a crippled front leg - Morningpaw's father

Goosepaw - White tom with tan paws and green eyes
Morningpaw - Pale blue she-cat with a white chest, muzzle, and back paws (@wigglytuff)
Falconpaw - Brown tabby tom with green eyes - Morningpaw's friend
Rosepaw - Red-ish small she-cat with yellow eyes- Morningpaw's friend
Heatherpaw - Gray tabby she-cat with white paws, muzzle and chest and smoky blue eyes - Morningpaw's sister

Talonflower - Dark brown she-cat with gray and white spots and green eyes
Redpoppy- Tan she-cat with black splotches

Runningsong - Slim tortoiseshell she-cat
Mumblefang - Scruffy golden-yellow she-cat
Sedgestep - Tan-gray speckled tom with a white muzzle and green eyes

Flowerkit - a white calico.
Fawnkit - brown she-cat with white spots.

Clan cats that are clows
Kestrelfeather - Light ginger tom with amber eyes - Rowanstorm's father, now a Clow
Leafheart - Black she-cat with a tan chest and blue eyes- Rowanstorm's mother, now a Clow
Darkstrike - Dark gray tom with a ginger tail tip and amber eyes - Rowanstorm's brother, now a Clow

Mist That Comes With Night - Built, muscular male wolf with white, gray, and tan fur, amber eyes, an ear nick, and a scar across his left shoulder- ThunderClan
Honey- Female badger with an almost-yellow tinge on her coat - RiverClan
Swift Sight- Brown Northern Goshawk with a speckled underbelly and a sharp beak - WindClan
Zephyr - Smoky black female black mamba, approximately two fox lengths long in length - Shadowclan

About Rhoull Eggs

This egg is of an incorporeal nature and cannot be interacted with directly, but this also alleviates the egg from physical threats such as predators. Rhoull eggs that manifest themselves on Ark are always found hiding beneath bridges, a characteristic that has likened them to the trolls of Arkian fables.

About the Rhoull Creature

The Rhoull is a mischievous, ghastly species that, while originally a Fiery Shadows native, has only recently inhabited Ark. Its spectral form prevents any physical manipulation and thus renders the creature essentially harmless, but that does not deter any of them from scaring Arkians for enjoyment.