GoldenMoondust the Harpette

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19 Jan 2019
11 Nov 2020
25 Nov 2020
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Hello! I'm NightSlayer, but you can just call me NS because no one (including myself) feels like typing out my entire name. I love to be on Eggcave and I think I am fairly active! I'm not very social but don't be afraid to drop a post on my wall. I don't bite.

Some of my biggest dreams have been achieved with the help of Murmurw. She's really sweet and I think the least I can do is mention her here .-.
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Also my birthday is on April 25th. Just putting that out there. For no reason.
@Dreamii & @Distorted - (To anyone else that is not Dreamii and Distorted, I just wanna flex 10,000 replies we have in our chat ) You two are truly amazing. I mean, I don't even feel like the word Amazing is good enough. You both are such nice, fun people and I'm so glad that we're friends. Also... TAPICO THE BUNNY!!!
@Murmurw -

Like I said before, I'm not very social so I don't have many friends to shout-out
GoldenMoondust is one of the first creatures I ever bought and though I love the second-stage Harpette, I for some reason do not like the following stages. With most creatures I do have a favorite stage, however it's usually rather minor. But for some reason I decided I had to freeze GoldenMoondust. Thanks to @foreigners and @dreamii, I had the 200 CC to freeze her before she even hatched. On 11.11.20, my long journey to freeze Moondust finally came to an end.
On 12.1.20, GoldenMoondust was given a star, a gift from @distorted. Thank you so much!

About Harpette Eggs

An alluring melody can be heard flowing from within this egg. Musical instruments that are played to accompany this melody, particularly harps, will cause the egg to react by fluttering its wings in apparent appreciation. There is an ongoing study by the Science and Research Center to determine if the health of Harpette eggs are affected by various genres of music.

About the Harpette Creature

Harpettes are creatures that were once regarded as purely mythological beings until their recent emergence from Fairy World. Very little is currently known about them, but they have a strong affection for music and are excelled musicians of the harp. Ancient stories tell of how Harpettes will kidnap humans who are skilled with instruments and force them to play music back at their roost.