Housekeeping the Buzzle

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15 Apr 2015
18 Oct 2019
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About Buzzle Eggs

Sometimes Buzzle eggs can be found flying in the air, cross-pollinating flowers. Buzzles are the only known creatures to perform otherwise hatched-creature tasks while in the egg form. They're quite resourceful and useful even before hatching.

About the Buzzle Creature

Buzzles are friendly bees that are the most busy during the spring months especially around Easter.

They do have stingers and aren't afraid to use them should they be antagonized, but Buzzles aren't the aggressive type. Their stinger poison is very mild and rarely causes pain for more than a couple of minutes after being stung. Most people who are allergic to bees (and their stings) aren't normally allergic to Buzzles.

Buzzles have among the longest lifespan of any species of bee on Ark, of up to 20 years.