Kozson the Kozza

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About Kozza Eggs

Kozza eggs can only be found in the Grasslands during autumn. Their eggs are made of a mixture of features, fur, and medium-soft scales. Overall, their color often blends into the brown, decaying ground at this time of year.

About the Kozza Creature

Kozzas are the ultimate helpers to have for the annual autumn harvest. Small compartments are located underneath their feathers and soft scales, which they use to store and retrieve items for you from around your farm. They are happy to forage your fields and bring back whatever crops you might've missed. This improves your efficiency and productivity and ensures that nothing of importance goes to waste.

Don't worry! They won't eat your fresh produce. Instead of eating grass, they actually eat weeds (and leave the perfect, green grass alone)! They like milkweed in particular and, if the milkweed has begun to ferment, can make Kozzas drunk. This is why Arkians, after having a rambunctious night out on the town might say, "I was as drunk as a Kozza!"