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I'm glad to have met you, y'know. ^^ I hope ya know I never took that for granted. I'm so glad to have known ya, to have spent the last time creating this bean

This bean is a reminder of how amazing you are, and how beautiful things in life can be! I hope that you are happy where you are, and you are safe and living your life to the fullest.

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Here's the description I worked on for it but it ultimately didn't get submitted in time (oops). I'll post it here for you all to enjoy

Egg Description
Wolfern eggs are laid directly on the forest floor atop a collection of dense foliage. Over time, these eggs spectacularly start to sprout roots, leaves, and twigs directly from the shell! Scientists from SAR concluded that the leaves and twigs serve as a form of camouflage for these vulnerable eggs while the roots burrow deep into the Earth to extract essential nutrients for development.

Hatching occurs shortly after the Wolfern's brightly colored tail begins to push out of the egg. Arkians seek these eggs out by searching for visible multi-colored tufts protruding from the muted earth tones of the dense forest terrain and following the strong floral scent these eggs emanate close to hatching.

Hatched Creature Description
The Wolfern, once hatched, roams the woodlands searching for more of its kind. Although they come into this world alone, they are not a solitary species and seek companionship above all else. To assist in their search, Wolfern are equipped with a powerful sense of smell and use it to pick up unique chemical signatures of other species. It is said that no two Wolfern smell the exact same due to influence from the surrounding plants from which it grew from. However, their scent is too overpowering for the ordinary nose to identify. Only other Wolfern are able to distinguish and recognize each other through smell alone.

The Wolfern's luxurious tail feels and looks very much like a budding flower. Once fully matured, it's tail quite literally blossoms. The tail is great source of pride and admiration among this species and mates are often chosen based on how fully the tail unfolds and how vivid the colors present. The resulting creature is a flawless hybrid of both flora and fauna.

About Wolfern Eggs

These eggs are often found in the Grasslands in the springtime around Easter. They're easy to miss because they're almost 100% camouflaged! But if you find one, pick it up and hatch it yourself. The creature inside is magnificent.

About the Wolfern Creature

Wolferns are masters of disguise... if they're stalking you, you would never know. They are the ultimate predators of the Grasslands—quiet, calculating, and ruthless when it comes time to strike. Wolferns do not travel in packs. They travel alone. Scientists estimate that Wolfern populations would be much higher if they cooperated in packs; but because they're loners, their numbers are much smaller making them a rare species.