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About Trinit Eggs

Careful! Because Trinits are a product of scientific experimentation, they grow at an alarming rate and eventually gain the strength to break out of their eggs. Because of this, Trinit eggs tend to shake violently and their tails, when free, thrash around sometimes causing injury. Owners are advised to take extra safety precaution when handling these eggs.

About the Trinit Creature

The Trinit is a creature of terrifying beauty. The species, originally thought to be extinct, was recreated by the Science and Research Center. Although Trinits were intended to be harmless pets for suburban Arkians, it was found that their vicious and stubborn personalities often cause them to defy their owner's wishes. Creatures of this species can grow to enormous sizes with the average adult height being 30 feet and as a result, are extremely difficult to keep under control. Ancient folklore tells of a Trinit so large it rises above Ark's infamous Volcano and resides deep within the Eastern Jungles. It is said that this Trinit is responsible for the periodic earthquakes that Ark experiences. However, this has yet to be confirmed by the SARC.