KausAustralis the Felicete

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14 May 2021
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~~~~My Most Prized Creature~~~~

~~~A Bit Of Trivia~~~

Kaus Australis...

...Is never, ever UFT/UFA, no matter what!
...Is named after the brightest star in the constellation Sagittarius!
...Was stolen on my first steal attempt for his stolen date!
...Exclusively uses space- and pirate-themed items!
...Would love it if you fed him!
...Also goes by "Kaus!"
...Likes food from the General Food Store!

~~Space Pirates Q&A~~

Q: Who are the Space Pirates?
A: A group of people who have taken an oath to feed Kaus daily and help complete the goals listed in the “Incomplete” subsection of the “Goals” section.
Q: Why an oath?
A: I don't know, honestly. To make it fancy and official, I guess.
Q: I want to join the Space Pirates! How do I?
A: Simple! PM me, take the oath, and feed Kaus and I'll add you to the pinglist!

Currently, nobody has joined the Space Pirates.


Blast From The Past
Use a retired item!
Pirate Stew Collector
Eat all the different types of Pirate Stew! (4/4)
Felicete Of A Thousand Faces
Be renamed 5 times!
Pirate Ship Banana Split Collector
Eat all the different types of Pirate Ship Banana Split! (4/4)
Rocket Cookie Collector
Eat all the different types of Rocket Cookie! (4/4)
Shiny Astronaut Costume Helmet Collector
Play with all the different types of Shiny Astronaut Costume Helmet! (4/4)
Fun Facts About Space Collector
Read all the volumes of Fun Facts About Space! (4/4)


Storticai Plushie Collector
Play with all of the different types of Storticai Plushie! (3/4)
Happy Hatchday To You
Reach stage 2!
Retro Galaxy Mug Collector
Drink all the different types of Retro Galaxy Mug! (1/4)
Happy Birthday To You
Reach the 1-year anniversary of when he was stolen!
Collect 50 items.
Collect 100 items.
Collect 135 items.
Ooh Shiny!
Collect 215 items.
Putting Dragolds to Shame
Collect 300 items.

About Felicete Eggs

Aww look at this cute little egg. It appears as though the egg will start to shake if you take away the little bandana on top. Perhaps it is best not to agitate the egg before it hatches. I wonder where they first came from?

About the Felicete Creature

Where the Felicete came from is not really known. All that is known is that it is not of our world, perhaps coming from another planet all together. The Felicete is a very greedy creature. Known for making small hoards of coins, unlike the dens full like the similar Dragolds do, nothing is really safe around the Felicete. While coins are their typical choice of object to steal and hide, other things have been known to go missing as well. Mainly toys. While the Felicete doesn't create full dens full, don't be surprised if you find a stash underneath your couch.

The tail of the Felicete is very special, although the specific reason isn't well known. Rumors have sparked that perhaps it is to warn off other predators from stealing their riches, or perhaps it was merely a genetic modification to help them be sneakier. Much like their ears are larger, making it easier to hear things around them and find riches a little faster. While these creatures aren't the type to cuddle up on a lap on a cold night, preferring their riches, it isn't uncommon that they would make a home within someone's lair.

Some have even traveled the galaxies with the Felicete as a partner, dubbing this creature the "space pirate cat".