HelloGhost the Ghostar

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28 Oct 2011
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About Ghostar Eggs

This egg was only given out for the Halloween Bash of 2011 (Year 3).

The face on Ghostar eggs changes depending on their particular mood, however their moods seem to only range from mildly happy to completely ecstatic. It's possible to raise one's mood just by looking at one of these eggs.

About the Ghostar Creature

The Ghostar is believed by many to be the offspring of the Ghosty, following its strange disappearance from the Cave. However, Ghostars are still shrouded in mystery. The Science and Research Center believes this to be a completely different species altogether and is launching a full investigation to discover the Ghostar's origin. Unlike the Ghosty, Ghostars love companionship and are often pampered by their owners. The only problem is that once a special bond is established, Ghostars never, ever want to leave their owner's side, resulting in many uncomfortable situations. Raising one is a long-term commitment!