Common Egg Cave Abbreviations

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Orderedchaos • 3 September 2013 at 4:27 PM

As a new user you may see many abbreviations or terms around the site that you don't understand. Here is where you can find out what they mean.

I or another mod will keep this thread up to date.

CC = Cave Cash, a currency bought with real money in the Cash Shop Park

CSP = Cash Shop Park, this is also used to refer to a creature bought at the Cash Shop Park

TS = Thief Shop, used to reference both the shop and creatures bought at the shop

EC = Egg Coins, currency gained from feeding creatures, can also be used to refer to Egg Cave

XC = Exchange Credits, used exclusively in our Click Exchange. You can read more about them here.

TC = Trade Center

LE = Limited Edition

Monthly = Term used to refer to any of the 4 limited creatures released every month.

SoB = Star of Bethlehem travel

CRW- Creature Release Week. A week were 7 new creatures are released for a short period of time, happens once a year.

CDWC = Creature Description Writing Contest. A contest to write descriptions for various creatures.

MA= Mysterious Asteroid

TNT= Transfer not trade, when someone is sending a creature to their storage. Also used: Res. for reserved.

ToS = Tree of Sparkling(travel) or Terms of Service.

Storage account= an account made as a storage for a user's creatures. If made, the user CANNOT use daily activities, like the Cave, from that account.

RP = role play

Frozen = Frozen creatures have had their growth stopped by the Potion of Litsdnats from the Cash Shop Park


PM= Private Mail

WL=wish list

Ping= to 'ping' someone is the same as notifying someone. To do this in the forums, simply put the '@' sign in front of their username and they will get a notification.

NFT=not for trade
NUFT=never up for trade/not up for trade
UFT=up for trade
UFA= up for auction OR up for adoption

Creature Abbreviations:
Balrog = Balrogipuwet
Rhine = Rhinedorf
Paret = Pareteorsite