[BIRD] Creature Suggestion - Walwalka

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sparklefox • 24 May 2017 at 12:20 PM

When the blog post announcing this first came out, I thought of this as a silly idea for a creature. Now that there isn't much time left, I just went with this idea. It isn't exactly a creature with magical powers or anything special. Just... a bird.
I wouldn't have entered this if it weren't for the fact that I love birds... even if I can't draw them.

So, here. The Walwalka. Inspired by the heron birds

Creature Stages: http://imgur.com/SiD23fY

(Please excuse the awful artwork as it was quickly drawn on a phone with... not the most stable of hands.)

Creature Description: Just something I thought up and wrote late at night, so it might sound weird.

The blue feathers found coating this egg makes it feel very soft and comforting to the touch. As the creature develops inside, the feathers begin to fall off, revealing a rather rough and dull egg underneath. It is currently unknown if plucking these feathers prematurely causes any effects on the developing creature, and no one has been brave enough to try in fear of harming the beautiful creature inside.

These wondrous birds first hatch into a small, dull coloured chick. They are surprisingly quiet and reserved when compared to the young of other bird species. As adults, their large and beautifully glistening form is a sight to behold as they gracefully fly through the skies. However, they don't enjoy the admiration their shining feathers brings them, as being the centre of attention easily causes them stress. Many feathers of these birds can be found on the ground as they desperately try to pluck them from their bodies in an attempt to stop the admiration and attention they get. The large amounts of stress that these birds may suffer throughout their life can cause many awful health issues. It would be wise to give them as little attention as possible if you were to keep one as a pet, which can make them very difficult to deal with.

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icecloud101 • 25 May 2018 at 4:15 PM

I really love the art and description. Hope it gets made. Good luck!