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bluethunder • 7 December 2018 at 8:25 PM

Hey, I'm Blue.
I like Kpop, Asian dramas, nightcore, Twenty One Pilots, drawing and so much more! Don't be afraid to approach me!

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firedawn • 8 December 2018 at 8:39 PM

@bluethunder Welcome to Eggcave! ^^ I'm Firedawn!

Egg Coins, is the currency which is used for trading, buying travels, or spending it on shops or creatures. It is earned by feeding creatures

Cave Cash, is the secondary currency which is earned by buying using real money in the CSP. It is used to buy items in the CSP. The CSP is the Cash Shop Park.

The places in Egg Cave are:
The Archives providing all guides to the stats of creatures to evolve via feeds, views or clicks
Mysterious Asteroid giving a chance to get a super rare creature daily.
Cash Shop Park a place to buy CSP items.
Cave the place to adopt new eggs
Travel Agency a place to buy travels for your creatures
Tims Food Shoppe a shop which would provide healthy creatures while you're away
The SAR Center
Town Hall the place where you change your creatures names
The Trade Center where you negotiate trades
The Adoption Center where you can adopt creatures or abandon them.
Site Trivia a place where you can use your knowledge about Egg Cave to earn EC from a prize pool of 125,000 EC.

You can also make a storage account for storing more creatures but you cannot visit the Cave or Asteroid with your side account as it is considered cheating.

There are many abbreviations used for creatures, terms and places.
They are;
TC - Trade Center
AC - Adoption Cetner
TA - Travel Agency
UFT - Up For Trade
UFS - Up For Sale
UFA - Up For Adoption or Up For Auction
TNT - Transfer Not Trade
LE - Limited Edition
CRW - Creature Release Week
CSP - Cash Shop Park

Arpeg - Arpeggiarp
Paret - Pareteorsite
Stort - Storticai
Rhine - Rhinedorf

Once again, Welcome to EggCave!