Double Feed Day on the 15th instead of Sundays

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skyfall4 • 23 January 2019 at 10:08 PM

I really miss double feed day on the 15th of every month instead of every second Sunday. Why? Well, Sundays are days that stay put, while the 15th could literally be on any day of the week. If it's always the second day, chances are some people are going do have RL events scheduled that day, perhaps every month on the same day. This denies those people the chance to feed on double feed day EVERY MONTH. As it is also a weekend, some people will have homework work piled up, needing to be finished and handed in the next day. If they have lots of homework, would they feed or log in on Egg Cave? Probably not, unless they have spare time.

By making it the 15th once again, it gives those people a chance to actually feed. It's less likely for someone to have an event scheduled on the 15th of every month than on every second Sunday.

IDK, these are just my opinions, it's not reall a major thing, though I always miss feed day now because my Sundays are fully packed with lessons and stuff :C

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iris1929578 • 20 February 2019 at 9:16 PM


I hope this isn't dead

I agree the mods say that the second Sunday is a chance for people to feed on the weekends, but the 15th could land on any day, including weekends! And my Sundays, and most other peoples' Sundays, are always packed with stuff because for me, I have Chinese school on Sundays and then we go somewhere and I have no time to get on Egg Cave. Also, others' Sundays are also packed with lessons, Sunday school, and usually Sunday will be the day for trips and stuff like that, since it's one of the only two days on the weekend.

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skyfall4 • 20 February 2019 at 9:21 PM

I don't think so, I think ded is 2-3 months...? IDK, I should check the rules again.

Yeah! Exactly! I'm out of my house for the entire day every Sunday!

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newlife • 20 February 2019 at 11:23 PM


Same here, I liked it when it was on the 15th, one simple date to memorize rather than 'the second Sunday of every month'. Plus, it was a reminder to me that I'm halfway through the month lol

But yes, I did like it on the 15th more than on a Sunday.