Mila's Art Requests (3 Slots)

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mila_titan • 10 February 2019 at 3:30 PM

Hey y'all!

I would love to do a few drawings over the next couple days. So if you have any suggestions or requests, I'm open to hear them. I will be taking 3 requests or suggestions at the moment with the possibility of opening more slots in the future.

1. @mastergemma

- One request per customer.
- I will only be drawing HUMAN requests this time around.
- I won't be doing any backgrounds, animals, furries, mecha, etc. so please don't ask.
- Be specific and when possible, include reference photos.
- Please be kind and patient.
- Obviously, I won't be drawing anything violent or inappropriate for you, so please don't ask.
- Just so that you are aware, I can do either digital or traditional drawings, please let me know which you would prefer.

I will be posting links for your requests as I finish them, so please keep am eye out for those. All art will be submitted to my DeviantArt account (www.milatitan.deviantart/gallery/) and I ask that if you wish to showcase my art on your account or else on the internet that you please credit me as the creator.


~ Mila

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mastergemma • 19 February 2019 at 8:20 AM


Your art is amazing, I wish I could draw like that! Would you be able to draw the Vocaloid IA for me? I would prefer a digital drawing if that is not a hassle. My friend loves this character and it would be a nice surprise for her!

Some artwork of this character-

Another outfit that you could use of this character-