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Have you participated in karaoke

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mastergemma • 19 March 2019 at 11:26 PM

Isn't singing out loud with friends just so much fun! I went out with some friends to a karaoke room and everyone who sang had so much fun! All it took was some of those good classic Aussie hits, Barbie Girl, Nickelback etc and everyone was having fun. My friend mentioned that she forgot to put Smash Mouth on the list and I laughed, I would have cried in laughter if that played.

I chose a few songs that I knew others probably would not know but one mate actually knew every song that played. I still cannot believe that at all. Well, you can never guess what music someone is into! It was a shame the place we went to didn't have any Asian pop though, that would have been really fun because quite a few of us enjoyed some J and K-pop. But there's another place nearby that does have that kind of music as well so that'll be our next adventure.

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stormwarden • 20 March 2019 at 1:25 AM

ooh yeah, the classics are always the best!! it's amazing when you can sing with friends and don't even have to read the lyrics because those songs are just that well known! and you make funny faces and can't sing because you're laughing too much LOL

i'm super stoked that you had a great time!! i feel like karaoke is growing in popularity and it might be my confirmation bias but i really hope people try it more often! it's also pretty easy as a cheap at-home byos (bring your own snacks) hangout if you just hook a laptop up to a tv and go on youtube