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mastergemma • 17 June 2019 at 6:06 AM

So who here plays Keyforge?

If you haven't heard of it, I do recommend trying the game. It's really cheap to get into since you just need a deck for yourself and one for an opponent and decks cost around $15-$20 AUD so it'll probably be a little cheaper elsewhere.

So Keyforge is a card game but is not a deck builder. You buy a deck and that's it. It's not like Yugioh or Magic where you can make a deck or have a side area where you can swap cards in or out each game. You get what you're given and it has its own custom name and Archon design (picture on the back). Each deck is completely unique and has random 12 cards from three different houses.

These houses determine what cards you are able to play per turn and you have to collect Aember to make three keys to win the game. There are four different types of cards; creatures, upgrades, artifacts and action cards. These will affect how you play and get Aember. Creatures can fight and reap, actions have some awesome effects, artifacts are insane and upgrades can be pretty great! Some cards will give you Aember for just playing it, while some cards need to have another card in play already to work.

And the art is amazing! You have your aliens as house Mars, Untamed is your awesome jungle creatures, Logos is the technological people, Sanctum are your holy knights, Brobnar are Vikings and there are three more houses in the game!

I highly recommend the game, it's so fun to play and it is so much cheaper than other card games!

It is such a good game