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sapphire12 • 4 June 2021 at 1:29 PM

Hi hi,

I've just been messing about on my tablet and I thought this would be fun. Nobody on here has any person avatars - some people may enjoy that of course. But if there are people who want to let people know how they represent themselves:

On each instagram post it'll say Hair A or Glasses B etc.

You can pick a hairstyle, a shirt, some accessories and I'll put it together for you and send you the jpg file You can put it on your profile - or if you like to reimagine how your favourite creatures would look like personified then put one together and place it on your creatures profile

Oh and I'll write your @/too or your creature name at the bottom if you want it

Small disclaimer - yes I only know how to draw feminine features and styles - simply because of my own (nonexistent) artistic abilities so apologies in advance for the disappointment and I really don't mean to make people feel left out. Maybe one day I will learn how.

It's a very small selection for now because I'm still technically busy, but if there's a hairstyle, shirt, accessories you'd like to see, post a reference on here and I'll see what I can do - probably around mid June I'll start working on customs lol.

Colours are customisable too, if you see a hairstyle that you like and you want it in blonde just say so etc.

Happy mix and matching and hope you find it fun