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Do you play Fishdom? (Multiple answers allowed.)

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snowywinter • 24 September 2021 at 4:54 AM

I am wondering if anyone else here plays the app game? I just started last week and am having lots of fun.

I made my own team ( RevolutionNBC ) and would love to have people join... but that's been slow going and people get more bonuses if you have 5 or more people in a team.
(And Google Play Games is acting up right now for a LOT of people, and account switching isn't working properly, so I'm stuck on someone else's acct and they can't join
>.< )

Thought I'd ask here before giving up and joining someone else's team.

I give helps when I have extra lives to share (and Eggcave has trained me well - I feed other people's fish if they are hungry 😃 )