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6 February 2010
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Hey everyone! Welcome to my little cove! I hope you like it! I gave most of my creatures away, because I decided to quit a few years ago. I've decided to start playing again and try create a new small beautiful cove. If you know some nice names please share them with me!

First stage Frion + Roarnt

You can always ask me for UFT creatures and add me as a friend

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2 weeks ago

Hi! You have a very beautiful cove I was wondering if you would be interested in selling your Aqueueren and if so would you accept CC

2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Is there anything in my cove you want for a Effa?

1 month ago

Hey, just wondering if your Aqueueren, Balrogipuwet, Foo, and Biwo were UFT, if so for what? Thank you, you have a lovely cove!

1 month ago

Hello! Do I have anything here that interests you for your Aqueueren? It's in the trade center, so Im guessing its UFT.

1 month ago

~ looking for a Gobbler for ages!

1 month ago

Hi hon! I saw in your profile that I could ask, so here goes, would your gobbler, tine, second mummar, luvlei, or effa be UFT? I've been ~

1 month ago

welcome back!! how are you? by the way, do you know what you'd be seeking for the effa in your trade center?

1 month ago

Thanks for being my friend too!

1 month ago

Pokes meh post below

1 month ago

Oh my goooosh! Welcome back, Laura!

1 month ago

I really want an Aqueueren, is Antwan UFT for anything??
Thanks anyways!

1 month ago

Hello love, welcome back. I could kill to trade for your Gobbler, might it be UFT?

1 month ago

What are you looking for in your lot #857929? I have 800cc are you interested in any of my creatures except Spoks, Spacing, and Nene.

1 month ago

grizzard, reep, turtux flofbite, eyleymo, rhinedorf, brios? Or anything @genesis?

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