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My name is reagan, though, id prefer you not call me that and refer to me as meisawesome.
My wishlist is here, but id rather not follow that guide
The wishlist is almost always up-to-date. I would prefer if the wishlist creatures were eggs
This is my goals for the game:

I just figured out how to make colored text!

This is this ant. 
This is is ant. 
This is how ant. 
This is to ant. 
This is keep ant. 
This is an ant. 
This is idiot ant. 
This is busy ant. 
This is for ant. 
This is forty ant. 
This is seconds ant.
Now read the third letter of every sentence.

Total roleplay count that i am on: 3

She stares out on to the ruined landscape, there, she could see people, running for their lives, and in the middle of all the chaos, stood a black dragon, with wings large enough to cover the entire land of Skire, twice. And the dragon itself was so large, that from claw to head, it would be tall enough to surpass Intue. Tundra grabs her bow tightly "this is it..." she told herself "this is the end." Just then, the dragon heard her, for she was not to far away from it, she sounded out her battle cry "For Skire!" Drew her bow, and attacked the dragon. The arrow stabbed through the eye, as the dragon let out a horrid screech, he whipped his tail around, looking for the attacker, and smacked tundra to the ground. 'No no no no...' she repeated in her mind as she coughed up a little blood, she took one of her arrows, got up, and attemped to stab the dragons hide. Luckily, she found a spot where a scale had fallen, and penetrated the skin. The dragon flinched, for an arrow head going through its skin, felt like a mere prick. It looked down, to find tundra, and blasted black flames from its mouth, but surprisingly, she felt freezing cold, rather than being boiled alive. Frost began to form around her skin and clouded her eyes, and once the dragon was done, it kept on spreading "oh crud, oh no, oh-" she was cut off, for ice was forming around her lips now, but with one last swing from her arrow head, before she was frozen compleatly, she cut off some ice around her arm, and bit by bit, she broke herself free. The dragon had lost interest, thinking that she was frozen solid, Tundra, using this to her advantage, climbed the dragon, using the scales as footing. Finally, near the head of the dragon, she found a small hole 'this must be their ears' she thought, and stabbed the inside of their ear. The dragon roared with pain, and using this to her advantage, the climbed into the dragons mouth 'the only way to defeat this beast, is to stab its brain or heart...i hope' she thought as she wiggled through some mucas. Finally, she came to what looked like the ribcage of the dragon, and saw its heart, pure black. She started panting, but only because little air was here. She took her arrow, and plunged it deep into the creatures heart. Instantly, she heard the dragon roar out of agony. She pulled it down and felt it stop bulging, she escaped the creature, and it fell the moment she lept from its mouth to the ground below. But she coulding run fast enough, and the dragon fell on top of her. She felt every single one of her bones breaking, she screamed, but no one heard her 'oh this is how i die...i wish i lived longer, but at least i will be known as a hero' she thought "long live the legac-" she was cut off, for one of her ribs penetrated through her heart, killing her. Her story will be told through out the ages of Skire, for she had saved her town, and perhaps, even worlds beyond

My favorite 'his theme' lyrics from Undertale (to the tune of 'his theme')

Asriel: There's a world out up above
It would not show me love
I thought I could stop the end
Be here with you, my friend

Somewhere deep down I believed
I'd bring you back to me
I thought we could have some fun
Can my damage be undone?

I'd forgotten how to feel,
Not sure if I was real,
If I am no longer me,
Then what can I still be?

By your side until the end,
I thought I'd be your friend,
I still hold onto that hope,
No matter what I am then.

So please just leave me behind
I couldn't win this time,
I don't want to let you go,
I'll be okay alone,

You deserve far better friends,
Now you're here at the end,
I can let all of them go,
I'll be okay alone

(Music change)

Leave me be,
Say goodbye,
You can't help,
why must you try?

Why must you
stay with me
Your battle's won,
go with your family (the next verse, do this entire thing x3 when you reach the end)(also, this verse is sung at the same time as frisk.)

I don't deserve your MERCY
If you won't FIGHT, please just leave
No one came, or heard my call
I'm so glad you took your fall (note, the next verse is not to be repeated. Only say when everything else has been repeated x3)

Forgive me, stay with me
You're the last light I'll see

It's not fair to be alone (frisk follows the same rules as asriel)
After what you've been through
So let me just ease your pain
Please let me stay with you

I'll continue to reach out
I won't abandon you
To keep trying to save you

I will give you my MERCY
because it's clear to me
FIGHTING won't solve anything
Forgiveness isnt easy

I will stay here by your side,
I know it's frightening
To think that you might now leave
But that my friend is why

I will SPARE your life always
And hold you tight and close

We will be together here
Until it's safe to go

(Adapted from Cami-Cat and Lizz)

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bgunny • 29 minutes ago

Which videos have you watched? Did you watch the pacifist, neutral, or genocide. Yes! I would love to help you out with the backstory. Just send me a PM of the any information about the character you have so far.

bgunny • 38 minutes ago

Have you watched videos on Undertale then? And yeah, go ahead. What questions do you have about OCs? I'm happy to answer any of them if possible.

jhh3 • 1 day ago

If you want to learn how to code I found this helpful.

bgunny • 3 days ago

Have you played the game yet then? I was asking about the musical because the His Theme lyrics you have on your profile are from Undertale the Musical.

bold4195 • 3 days ago

Tysm for the gift 3

bun • 3 days ago

No problem at all! c: Thanks so much for the trade!

bun • 3 days ago

Sure! I'll offer on the lot in a second.

bun • 3 days ago

I'm afraid the Haunlupe isn't UFT, but nearly everything from the extra tab is, if something there interests you instead?

bun • 3 days ago

Hello! Would something of equal value from the extras tab @beyond possibly interest you for your Ruum (or any extra CRWs)? Sorry to bother if not!

ablie • 3 days ago

I love the story you have on the profile thing!

bgunny • 4 days ago

Sorry if I seem overexcitable. I get really excited when I meet fellow Undertale fans.

bgunny • 4 days ago

Your profile! Do you like Undertale?! You watched Undertake the Musical? I love Undertale. It's my favorite video game.

cho • 4 days ago

Thank you and you too dear

cho • 4 days ago

Thanks but i don't need a ruum anymore

wingedfox • 4 days ago

Yup, nailed it!

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