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8 December 2012
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• •Good names!!

@misa (CC/LE) @alannah (CC/LE/Monthlies) @hatcher (Commons) ~Feel free to offer on anything!

Dead Creatures (Prob not UFT):

I do not reply right away, I often get on just to check shops.
Names: I prefer to keep but will swap for other good names. If you really want one you can ask.
Trading: I am only trading creatures for wishlist. I will pay CC and always have CC UFT for other things.
I don't tend to bite but I can't say the same for Promise. nom nom

Creatures (135)


5 days ago

Ok well I understand that!! o~o Good luck on those tests, and these pets can wait for whenever you're ready, no worries ^U^

5 days ago

I have other options too, I'm sure and cc if those don't interest you. Just let me know what you would like. Thanks

5 days ago

Ooooh XDXDXD I can look through and consider later on Thank ya

5 days ago

Yes I do I love those. I have ambrok and a vecker? Or have cc?

6 days ago

Hello I am very curious, what can you offer for a Encalop? Thanks (Just curious )

1 week ago

Hello you won the auction with Eartha! Trade #875756 here you go

1 week ago

Excuse me?

1 week ago

850 cc?

1 week ago

Hello! Any CC UFT? Thanks!

1 week ago

i've got nothing on your wishlist, sorry ;-; does anything interest you?

1 week ago

Hey, can you switch Antsey on @misa for my Ulert? (I will add 200 cc as yours is frozen)

1 week ago

would the trisk be uft? i've been seeking one for sooo long haha ;P

2 years ago