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8 December 2012
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• •Good names!!

@misa (CC/LE) @alannah (CC/LE/Monthlies) @hatcher (Commons) ~Feel free to offer on anything!

Dead Creatures (Prob not UFT):

I do not reply right away, I often get on just to check shops.
Names: I prefer to keep but will swap for other good names. If you really want one you can ask.
Trading: I am only trading creatures for wishlist. I will pay CC and always have CC UFT for other things.
I don't tend to bite but I can't say the same for Promise. nom nom

Creatures (166)


1 day ago

Hi! Was just thinking that's it's been two years since I talked to Hippy/Ryan. Did you ever connect with him, etc? I think of him often!

1 week ago

to sell off the rest of my creatures. ;-; (2/2)

1 week ago

Sorry if it seems like I am rushing you but can you accept the transfer before next week? I'm quitting and need to make room(1/2)

3 weeks ago

a few more names that I need to send you, but I need space in my cove first so I can transfer the names onto commons.

3 weeks ago

I sent you transfers for the names you won a while back from the auction, you can have them for free, need to clear my cove out. Still have

1 month ago

Current highest is 12k, Im not against taking oldies as partial tho

1 month ago

Draqua, Flar, Feep, Poplin, and Sylvern for a Guinstar egg? o:

1 month ago

I just wanted to drop in and say how much I love your little Promise. ^^ Not only is he adorable, but he's so recognizable.

1 month ago

how much is this on your side account my dream Tenalp

1 month ago

Hi, I would like 1 Fourbon? I'm willing to pay in EC. It is my dreamie

1 month ago

Hi! I was interested in your Axol @maybe c: what might you like for it?

1 month ago

What would you like for the fourbon @maybe?

2 months ago

I see what you are saying. I'll take a look into it! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

2 months ago

Solis, and 2 Hallowolf for 2 Sherth, Poplin, Pupkin, Avem, and Feep?

2 months ago

Anything for your poplin? It's my ultimate ultimate dreamy abs I'd give my soul for one ;-;

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