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4 July 2016
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Creator of the Trick (Trickorbat)

I cannot buy CC, so I am quite proud of what I have achieved. I must thank the kind users who have helped me achieve this lovely cove.

Please do not advertise on my wall, just ping me instead. If I don't reply then I'm either 1.) busy or 2.) not interested.

Talk entertainment to me. Especially musicals, I like musicals and music-related things.


Originally @ammolite

@yoyogirl1900 is my real life best friend, and we sometimes share the same IP address.

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14 hours ago

Lol I'd love to trade Corlinn and Pandai for it - willing to add 1k? X) Totally understand if not! He's your precious XD

15 hours ago


15 hours ago

Well! We'll have to see on the offer then. ;D XD

1 day ago

I'll uh, give you a discount even haha! X) somehow.. o:

1 day ago

-hugs- If you ever need to rant or just talk, I'm here for you. -hugs- ~ Sure thing Purg!

1 day ago

-tackles- PURG!! Yep! ^-^ How are you?? ;o;

1 month ago

Look, a good ol' barrier! You can't do anything about it :v

4 months ago

-squeaks- //o\\ When I asked Google the meaning of 'heavenly' it linked me to you.

5 months ago

6 months ago


6 months ago

6 months ago

6 months ago

Bam. http://orig11.deviantart.net/c9e6/f/2017/183/6/e/pebby_by_sugarcoatedbuns-dbev26g.png

7 months ago

vvv (they're cool) AND I WILL PUT MY STATUS BACK AFTER I'M DONE FREAKING FOR MY BDAY :'D would you like CC or creatures for Hearte and ~

7 months ago


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