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16 December 2009
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1 Auction

612,800 EC
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Most things are for trade!

Except the ones in the "Feed/NFT" list, everything else is UFT, just give me an offer.
I like pure CC, CSP critters and in some cases EC. Commons or items does not interest me, sorry.



Sankose (2 of 3 achieved)
Ashazar (adult)
Eroche (teen or adult)
Adiped (child)
Ophirum (child)
Piki (adult)
Cloverli (child)
Seren (child)

Almost impossible

Vampyr (2 of them) *sigh*
Spookcat (teen stage)

Things I've found in the Thief Shop (so far)

6 Tidnabs
2 Kakakounas
1 Meerna
1 Gamaeso

Travel I'm collecting:

Ajani Asteroid

Here to feed?

Please only feed the Feed/NFT list.


- What for creature X (and Y and Z and so on)?
I like pure CC. I like CC critters and creatures I don't already have. (Check out the wishlist.) Other than that: I don't know. o.O;

- How much EC for creature X?
I'm not really interested in EC offers so please don't bother me with these unless they are over 100k. They are very tedious. (Sorry.)

- Is creature X for trade?
If it's not in the Feed/NFT tab then probably yes.

- Is creature X from the Feed/NFT tab UFT?
NO! NFT means Not For Trade. Learn this stuff now, once and for all!

- Is creature X and/or name X from @silverstorage for trade?
As stated in both account profiles: NO!


Immortals and things very much NFT @silverstorage

Travels I've made

Poppy Plains:
Kinump Patch:
Haunted Wood:

This cove is protected by the ✨ Leaf of Vaka ✨

Creatures (234)


6 days ago

Hi, would you trade your Hinonia egg for 350k ec please?

1 week ago

Yes if you have another Drem plz let me know ty so much :-)

1 week ago

Hiya ! :-) How much cc for the Drem? TY for your time :-)

1 week ago

Thank you, fed all in the feed section back!

2 weeks ago

I just want to say that every time I visit your storage, I don't want to leave. It's beautiful

4 weeks ago

Would 50cc be sufficient for an Arcweom egg? I really want one, thanks!

1 month ago

Fed list!

1 month ago

Hi, I fed your feed list

1 month ago

what do you want for the tidnab

1 month ago

~ oldies just get harder and harder to find!

1 month ago

I'm glad to hear you found them! I thought I'd ask just in case you hadn't, after all, they're just not my cup of tea! And I know the ~

1 month ago

If you'll just give me a little bit I have to go run some errands and then I'll submit the offer. Thank you so much!

1 month ago

~ and I read through the blog comments (all 25 pages of them :'D). So I'm sorry if that came across as strange! XD

1 month ago

I realize that sounds a little weird, but I was reading back on the Christmas Day of 2011 re-release blog post to see how people reacted, ~

1 month ago

I would be ok with 200, if you are.

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