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16 December 2009
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Most things are for trade!

Except the ones in the Feed/NFT and Halloween list, everything else is probably UFT, just give me an offer.
I like pure CC, CSP critters and in some cases EC. Commons or items does not interest me, sorry.



Eroche (teen or adult)
Adiped (child)
Ophirum (child)
Piki (adult)
Cloverli (child)
Seren (child)

Almost impossible

Vampyr (2 of them) *sigh*

Things I've found in the Thief Shop (so far)

6 Tidnabs
3 Kakakounas
1 Meerna
1 Gamaeso
1 Cactower
1 Foxfly

Travel I'm collecting:

Ajani Asteroid

Here to feed?

Please only feed the Feed/NFT list.


- What for creature X (and Y and Z and so on)?
I like pure CC. I like CC critters and creatures I don't already have. (Check out the wishlist.) Other than that: I don't know. o.O;

- How much EC for creature X?
I'm not really interested in EC offers so please don't bother me with these unless they are over 100k. They are very tedious. (Sorry.)

- Is creature X for trade?
If it's not in the Feed/NFT tab then probably yes.

- Is creature X from the Feed/NFT tab UFT?
NO! NFT means Not For Trade. Learn this stuff now, once and for all!

- Is creature X and/or name X from @silverstorage for trade?
As stated in both account profiles: NO!


Immortals and things very much NFT @silverstorage

Travels I've made

Poppy Plains:
Kinump Patch:
Haunted Wood:

This cove is protected by the ✨ Leaf of Vaka ✨

Creatures (266)


2 hours ago

Just lemme know if you change your mind

2 hours ago

Would it be alright if i gave ya a poke if I do and i could trade it for the Unusith instead? otherwise-

2 hours ago

Yeah, sorry, i forgot i was on my side ^^; but i understand i might have an extra squid later, though, so-

2 hours ago

Heyo! c: Sorry to bother ya again, but was wondering if you saw my offer on the Unusith?

6 hours ago

if you have 2 unusith uft, I can offer you 50cc for them! :> Thanks!!

8 hours ago

Hi thank you sooo much for feeding my creatures

23 hours ago

Hi! Might something in the sell tab @beyond interest you for your CRW lot?

1 day ago

Heyo! c: I can do 50cc for the Unusith? Or perhaps something from @lyrics-and-melodies?

1 day ago

Anything for your unusith?

1 day ago

Mind if I gender swap for the Unusith?? I hv a Male.

1 day ago

Hi! What for Unishina? Anything of mine you want for it?

3 days ago

neatttttttt!! how much ec were you thinking for a bessy?

3 days ago

Would a Bessy be UFT by any chance?

4 days ago

fed your feed list

1 week ago

Um, sorry, I got a couple offers for around 20k ec, so I don't know....

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