No more chocolates. I must quit right now lol. Thanks again for everyone's help sending chocolates this year ^_^ MLEC2 members check out my trade. 18 Feb 2020, 3:47 PM

2 November 2014
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I will do my best to send back chocolates. It usually goes by day how many I can send so will start with 10 first day and will probably go to 5 per person then 2 when almost finished. Thanks for sending chocolates

Safe to feed all pets on here. Thanks for your clicks/feeds in advance I don't usually feed back unless events or groups I'm with.

Thanks so much to faerie_eclair_mallow - for the special leaf to protect all my mortals ^-^

Joined 4/20/2017
Special Thanks to this group #MLEC2 for keeping me motivated on here, and helping through rough times.

Guide -

I go through phases where I'm really talkative, then other times I'm really reserved. This is nothing personal to anyone, this is how I've always been even in real life.

I recently rescued a kitten (Mar 20 2020). She was found on my mom's porch freezing, starving and crying for help. As soon as we found out wasn't their neighbors cat - we brought her inside and made sure she was well fed. My mom is allergic, so I brought her home with me to stay. Which means something since I'm a dog lover, but this is the sweetest (still ornery) cat ever.

Wishlist found on @dakiwibird
Currently saving EC/CC:
-Essence of Litsdnats??
-SAR - Glooble, Barbat, Mecha, Viranov


Neopets - dainuyasha

Subeta - sunfire103
Guide if not sure what to do if anyone is interested in joining -

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eggberts • 15 minutes ago

Thank you for box of chocolates. Am working my way thru list of backup Chocolate boxes. Please do not send any more and really appreciated your help.

icedragon3000 • 13 hours ago

That would be nice. X3

icedragon3000 • 13 hours ago

Oh sorry, I didnĀ“t read it. >w

anarchy • 1 day ago

Yeah I can do a 100:100 swap if you're interested ^^

sungrave • 1 day ago

I only have 70 at the moment but I could do a 100 if u wait a little, I'm still feeding )

chihiro_sang • 2 days ago

fed some

decay • 2 days ago

Fed all (:

emo_pattys • 2 days ago

All fed

muppet • 2 days ago

Now if my daughter @armageddondoll doesn't get enough chocolates I can give it to her I traded a TON of creatures to get her a Tine a little while ago before the re-release cuz it was her dreamie

muppet • 2 days ago


firedawn • 2 days ago

Congrats on your Vulov, btw!

galaxyleopard • 2 days ago

Hi! Does anything in my cove interest you for your Orciel or Tine?

novrain62 • 3 days ago

Hello. Fed MLEC2

tetromino • 3 days ago

fed all, thanks for the feeds. congrats on winning the lottery!

kyubee • 3 days ago

Thank you so much!! And no problem I'll wait till tomorrow

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