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Celebrating The Nunny

December 30, 2016 at 3:00 PM      

THE FESTIVAL OF NUNNY - This year's Christmas creature celebration wouldn't be complete without celebrating the Nunny.

LAST DAYS OF 2016 - It's the last few days of 2016. What are you the most thankful for? And what are you looking forward to the most in 2017?

THE BAKERY - The Bakery, of course, has hand-crafted these new Nunny treats.


FOODIES UNITE - General Foods is stocking some new Nunny-themed items too!


BEAN SACK - The Bean Sack has a new Nunny-themed tea pot available for purchase!


TOY SHOP - Find these new Nunny toys at the Toy Shop!


LEILA LIBRARY - Leila Library is now stocked with this Nunny In My Stocking book!


Comments: 15

valorie100 · 6 months ago

The toys and food look the same o.o

asbe · 6 months ago

Nunny 4ever! ^^

glados · 6 months ago


motivecat · 6 months ago

toys and foods are ambiguous I guess @valorie100 -- maybe you play with em and then eat em!

valorie100 · 6 months ago

@motivecat that'd be very interesting cx

dragonkeeper · 6 months ago

These are cuts

say · 6 months ago

they look like the Pokemon Eevee

Ian · 6 months ago

some of the images in the blog post have been fixed! there was a slight mixup. sorry about that!

Ian · 6 months ago

@say a very delicious, chocolate-y eevee

lunar · 6 months ago

Next year will be the rooster, I wonder if there will be any bird creatures in January.

say · 6 months ago

@lan too cute to eat

moonwolfstar · 6 months ago


sparklefox · 6 months ago

I can't help but only think of Flareon when I see the second toy...

333 · 6 months ago

Hmmm... 2016 kinda sucked, to be honest. Nice Nunnies, though.

silverserpent · 6 months ago

2016 wasn't a very good year for me, but I'm happy I managed to return to EC. And I'd love to have that teapot IRL... xD