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Gray and Sad Cash Shop Travels Plus Trinkets

May 4, 2023 at 6:00 PM

May Cash Shop Travels

These gray and sad Cash Shop Travels are now available... perhaps some of these gray patterns and backdrops will serve as a good location for your creatures?

Cash Shop Travels Retiring

These Cash Shop Travels from this past February will retire on May 11 at 11:59 PM ECT. It's your last chance to get them.

New Trinkets

These brand-new Trinket Travels are now restocking for the Aguaille and Hoppit. (The Eurog already has trinkets, by the way!)

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daisycat • 4 May 2023, 6:03 PM

Hoppit. ❤️ The new CC travels are soo nice!

bunnyshadow • 4 May 2023, 6:06 PM

Aguialle [Stage 2 & 3] travels are dope!

xxcouchxx • 4 May 2023, 6:14 PM

The third travel is cool. Reminds me of Purple Hue, only gray!

kataclysm • 4 May 2023, 6:17 PM

Oh those new travels are gorgeous!

wonder404exe • 4 May 2023, 6:28 PM


mindwhiper • 4 May 2023, 7:44 PM

Nah, for this bw travels for 50CC each not enough bw creatures 🤦🏽

sorrow • 4 May 2023, 7:53 PM


ladyheathen • 4 May 2023, 7:55 PM

Bought So Many ..

jlya • 4 May 2023, 8:04 PM

I really like that third CC travel 😃

Ian • 4 May 2023, 8:32 PM

Aguaille stage 2 HORNS OMG 😱

heatherm19 • 4 May 2023, 10:13 PM

Oh. Oh my. Oh MY! Those CC travels are absolutely AWESOME!! I'm surprise how COOL greyscale looks on travels, wow! I absolutely need the 2nd an 4th. (I know this is for the month's theme, but I think we could use more grey/black-white travels in general, hint hint nudge nudge...)

murfijs • 5 May 2023, 12:34 AM

wow the 2nd and 3rd cc travels look amazing!

seraph • 5 May 2023, 3:52 PM

I usually don't care for travels but I love the CS ones!

mrsgiggles • 7 May 2023, 12:05 AM

One week in, stalking the cave 30+ times a day, and still no Cloudbursa. @Ian did you guys reduce the rate of the monthlies in the cave? It shouldn't take this much effort to get even one of these things!

Ian • 9 May 2023, 12:04 AM

@mrsgiggles that's bad RNG, I'm sorry! Nothing has changed.

iia • 9 May 2023, 10:51 PM

The grey forest ❤️.❤️

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