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New Cave Common: The Gestan

March 12, 2023 at 12:00 AM

The Gestan

A close relative and cousin of the Rosse, the Gestan is now available as a brand-new Cave common. Welcome to Ark!

It will be available long term.

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heatherm19 • 1 week ago


valorieviolet • 1 week ago

The egg is so beautiful!!

heatherm19 • 1 week ago

Wonder why the double-feed-day notice wasn't included in this blog post... That is today, right?

heatherm19 • 1 week ago

@valorieviolet I'm not a huge fan of freezing eggs, but since it's a cave common... That egg is just perfect. 😊

snowywinter • 1 week ago

@heatherm19 Yup! ^^ Today should certainly be Double Feed Day

raccoon • 1 week ago

My cove is feed friendly! My accounts @gentle and @pen are also feed friendly! i also got the second gestan in existence!! ^^

daisycat • 1 week ago

Wow! So pretty and cute! Love that cheery face. My cove is feed friendly, btw. 😸

heatherm19 • 1 week ago

It is! Just fed a few, definitely Double Feed Day. 😊 100% feed-friendly on all my accounts, and shameless plug, my side @heatherm_side2 now has over 1k Floofies to feed!

spell • 1 week ago

Didn't expect a new common so close to St. Patrick's Day 😱 This cove and @draw are also both feed friendly ^-^

shirothekittehlover • 1 week ago

Not a fan of this new cave common, but the egg stage has a quite nice design :>

wonder404exe • 1 week ago

Not flor’s OTHER cousin? XD

stefrawr • 1 week ago

So cute

mrsgiggles • 1 week ago

Uh oh, this means Flor is gonna be endangered soon?

kenkazaki2 • 1 week ago

OOOOO new friend! So pretty, I can't wait to meet then! πŸ˜ƒ

murfijs • 1 week ago

wait, does this mean that the flor is going endangered soon? well... it is one of the currently oldest cave commons

kleineprinz • 1 week ago

she is beautiful. i will try to get this flower soon

dragrawr • 1 week ago

@murfijs No it is replacing the Rosse

murfijs • 1 week ago

@dragrawr oh yeah, I totally forgot that the rosse hasnt had a replacement creature till today ^^'

froot • 1 week ago


sparklefox • 1 week ago

It's very pretty, and absolutely adorable. (Not gonna lie, I somehow didn't see the face at first (don't ask, I don't know how either) and got happy because "it has no face just like the original Rosse, that's cool".)

nexu • 1 week ago

pretty wing rose ^^

pastelrabbit • 1 week ago

Omg it’s so pretty!

zoruna • 1 week ago

Omg the pink Rosse, so cool 😱

jlya • 1 week ago

GORGEOUS!! Lovely replacement for the Rosse~❀️

strawberry876272 • 1 week ago

as someone who loves flowers and botanical gardens, I love this new common!

metaphor • 1 week ago

Ahhh it's so pretty

ravensong • 1 week ago

@wonder404exe Thinking the same thing! Looks like the Flor, just updated and more PINK! Eggcave, love the new common cave creature!

sorrow • 1 week ago

very pretty!

sonny • 1 week ago

oh my, what a pretty creature! i hope a creature i like doesnt get retired soon πŸ’”

xxcouchxx • 1 week ago

Missed this post til I clicked a very pretty egg in the exchange and had to find out what it was! Very cute ❀️

pegasasu • 1 week ago

wow very cute!

siriushiller • 4 days ago

so cute!!!!!