_thankyouuvu the Nym

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100% Happy
22 Aug 2011

Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)
Gotten from @peppermintcowboy as a giveaway prize! Thank you so so much!!
@chapus2009 was here! uvu
@wigglytuff was here >:L thank you Chapus for the trade! Enjoy your wishlist creatures!

About Nym Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for August 2011.

About the Nym Creature

The Nym, also known as the "Moonlight Wolf", is said to be completely invisible during sunlight hours but visibly bioluminescent during moonlight hours. Their white-purple glow is both hypnotizing and captivating, which is why Nyms are rare and coveted. It is superstitiously believed that Nyms control ocean tides and unleash coastal disasters as an expression of their mood and magical connection with the moon.