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22 December 2016, 7:53 PM

I was trying to make a link from my profile to one of my creatures. I had done it before using [url=][/url] commands, but I looked a bit more into eCode. I found this command [e=][/e] that was shorter than the others. I used it on the creature I was making the info on. I went to link the creature to my profile but it didn't work, however.


Can someone help?

@ian @orderedchaos @mastergemma

Edit: This is directly copied from my profile. Not the Preferences page, but from my profile.

[e=1405358] </auctioned_creatures> [/e]



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23 December 2016, 1:09 AM


Ahh, I think I know what happens. The creature link does work, but not with special characters, i.e. mathematical signs (don't know what those are called lol), slashes, etc -- but they do for underscores though, so that might just be the problem there.
I'll demonstrate:

[e=1405358] </auctioned_creatures> [/e] << won't work
[e= 1405358] auctioned_creatures [/e] << will work
[url= 1405358] </auctioned_creatures> [/url] << will work if you removed the space
auctioned_creatures << what happens when I removed the space.

This is not a glitch I believe, rather, it's just their way of putting the eCode together for the [e=] and the [url=] commands, makes sense?

Other than that, ehh I think the mods and/or Ian will be able to provide you with a more sufficient answer.

Hope I sorta helped!



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23 December 2016, 8:54 AM

@sony Thank you so much! This is good to know, I'll use this a lot more in the future!

Okay @orderedchaos lock the topic now, please.