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iris1929578 • 6 July 2017 at 4:08 PM

Hello! I have nothing to do, so I'm drawing!

I am only drawing animal stuff like dragons and cats and pigs and dogs and hamsters and lions and cheetahs.

Sketches include a sketch and a background.

Colored ones include a colored animal and a colored background.

Shaded ones include a shaded, colored animal and a colored background.

Super Duper Detailed ones include a shaded, detailed colored animal and a shaded, detailed background.

New Gift Pack!

For a gift pack, you have to add 1000 EC. It includes the animal holding a treat, a frame, and a ribbon and bow going over a corner with a tag saying the name of the person you are giving it to. If you would like to have one, you have to answer two questions:

What's the name of the person you are giving it to?
What's the person's favorite color?


Sketch: 1000 EC
Colored: 2500 EC
Shaded: 5000 EC (Super bad but I can try)
Super Duper Detailed: 7500 EC

Full Body:

Sitting and Standing:

Sketch: 5000 EC
Colored: 7500 EC
Shaded: 8250 EC
Super Duper Detailed: 10000 EC


Sketch: 7500 EC
Colored: 8250 EC
Shaded: 9500 EC
Super Duper Detailed: 10500 EC


Sketched Headshot:

Sketched Fullbody:

Colored Fullbody:

No digital art unless you want it to be super messy XD

1. @popcornflakes - pig - sitting - Super Duper Detailed
2. @popcornflakes - cat - sitting - sketch

Three at a time!

Unlimited wait list....

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bloom • 6 July 2017 at 5:54 PM

Hello! Can I order a Super Duper Detailed (sitting, plz) pig? It's under the sitting and standing. I would love a sitting little pig, that is cute, please! That would 10,000 EC... the pig is for my little sister that loves cute pigs. X3

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iris1929578 • 6 July 2017 at 6:16 PM



That's really nice for your little sister...

Ooh! Thanks for the idea!


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bloom • 6 July 2017 at 6:22 PM

Thank you very much! And you're welcome for the silly idea.

Oh right, can I also get a cat that is sitting and is sketched? That would be another 5,000 EC. C:

Thank you!

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iris1929578 • 6 July 2017 at 9:26 PM


Sorry, I went to classes

Sure! So, the idea that you gave me by saying that it was for your sis was gift drawings for an extra 1000 EC. It includes a frame, a ribbon over a corner, and the animal holding a treat. So, since you are my first I have no idea how to spell it, and you gave me the idea, would you like it for free? For the pig?

If so, two questions:

What is her name?
What is her fav color?

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bloom • 7 July 2017 at 9:41 AM

Hiya there! No thank you, you're going to work hard on it. I should pay you 11k EC for the piggy and the decorations.

Her name is Queena. And her favorite color is red! She'll love your pig.

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iris1929578 • 7 July 2017 at 8:00 PM


Ok then, I'm busy right now XD went to aquariums

Tomorrow I'll get started.

Oh, and I'm done with the cat! I'll post later, Alexa is going off XD

Ok, here's your cat:

Sorry if the head is a little off and it's kinda fat. It's just how I draw.