Welcoming CocoLillie to the Egg Cave World!

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Who are you?

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cocolillie • 22 August 2019 at 5:33 AM

Attempt 1

How does this work?

Attempt 2

Hello, Guys! I am stoked and just... so excited to be on this site. And...

Attempt 3

So, I hear this is a welcoming and friendly site? Well, I am relieved because I have no clue what you're supposed to do, so it would take lots of weight off my shoulders if all of you guys (who I assume are really kind and helpful) just help me out. I am sure that - in time - I will get better and then, get the chance to help other people. I guess that that is all I have to say so...

P.S. Hope any other newbies are not as confused as I am! LOL

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sparklefox • 23 August 2019 at 8:22 AM

@cocolillie - Welcome to Egg Cave! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Haha, the multiple attempts thing reminds me of why I never bother making introduction posts when I join new sites now. You just never know what to write...

Sorry if this dump of info is a little long, but it might be helpful.

Checking out the Forum Rules and the Site Guidelines would be an easy way to start. These explain what is and what isn't acceptable regarding the site itself and the forums. A couple of other useful links are the Player Guide (a helpful list of commonly asked questions) and the eCode guide (the code tags used around the site, such as the tags I'm using to make this appear in italics. Just a little tip, but EC doesn't seem to currently support BBCode or HTML tags, so posting your creatures onto these forums using the codes provided for them will not work).

If you are replying to someone, you should ping them. Otherwise, they won't be notified of your reply and therefore be unaware that you've done so. To ping someone, simply type an @ followed by their username (e.g. @sparklefox ). You can also click the left-pointing orange arrow in the grey box below a forum post, followed by clicking the blue "Reply Now" box that will appear after that. The arrow can be used to quickly ping multiple people at once in a thread.

A common mistake from newbies is that they'll ping and reply to people who have commented on their wall using their own wall. Pinging does not work out of forums and the blog, and to reply to the comments made on your wall, you go to the user's wall instead. That way, they will be notified about your reply.

Egg Coins (EC) is the main currency of this site, and is used to purchase most of the things available on the site - such as items and travels for your creatures. These are mainly gained through feeding eggs / creatures. Cave Cash (CC) is another currency and is used in the Cash Shop Park. This is purchased through real life money and can be spent on many exclusive items and creatures only available here. Exchange Credits (XC) is for use in the Click Exchange - found by clicking on the XC amount in the sidebar. These are gained through clicking the creatures in the Click Exchange, and every click on any creature(s) you have in here uses one of your XC. If you have none left, then your creature(s) won't appear in the Click Exchange until you gain more (and yes, getting a minus amount is completely normal and happens when people click fast enough on your creature(s)).

This post here explains many different abbreviations which are commonly used around this site. I think it could be helpful if you read through it.

Any creature which has reached level 2,000 or over is considered immortal and so cannot die. To evolve your creatures, you need to reach the right amount of stats for that creature's species (200 feeds, 1,000 views, etc.). You can find this out via looking up the species in the Archives, available under the Explore tab above.

I apologise if you knew any of the above information already.

Have a great day, and a nice time here!

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cocolillie • 23 August 2019 at 8:42 AM

Well, firstly, I'd like to say that this was very nice of you. Ha, ha, ha! You're right; you never do know what to write! Thanks for taking the time to write this incredibly long post, although I have already done most of these things.

You were right about checking out the Forum Rules and Player Guide. However, I have already seen these websites. You see, when I first created this account, I checked my notifications and a message from the EggCaveTeam suggested I looked at these sites, and other stuff. I assume you had experienced this as well, when you started.

I also learnt about the pinging thing from a friend, but the orange arrow technique was excessively helpful. Thanks a lot! As well as this, I am not like other newbies: I found out how to ping on someone else's wall on the second day of my time on this website. But that is a good tip so I'll make sure to notify others of this.

I have already submitted my creatures to Click Exchange and found that this is a great way to earn XC and clicks. If I hadn't found this out before today, this would've been great help.

There is no need to feel sorry about my growth of knowledge. I'm just a quick learner. But thanks, anyway! You seem like a good friend!

Hope you're having a great day, too!