Thief Shop problem

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asbe • 1 week ago

I clicked on Thief Shop and there was an egg, so I decided to try my luck.
I clicked on that egg and window popped up saying I was too late, the egg is gone.
Okay, but my EC are gone, too. How is it normal?
If I didn't even buy this egg, I'd like to have my EC back.

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puppylove3 • 5 days ago

Wow. Maybe the Thief tricked you. That happens normally at the Thief Shop.

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mastergemma • 1 day ago


What day/time was this? If you can narrow that down as much as possible that would be good.

Are you 100% sure you did not accidentally double click on it? Because then the first click would have paid for it but the second click would have sent you to the this egg is not available page.