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Did you cringe at least once? (Multiple answers allowed.)

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yogurt • 10 May 2020 at 3:10 AM

So I’m going through my old forum topics and some of my old mail since I went on a hiatus for a while. I started playing when i was 12 or 13 and i barely remember most of it.

Here is some of the funniest and dumbest things I found xD

Reading my old trades: Tine egg > adult Macbot + gobbler + Peeturk
Adult Macbot for adult tine. 1st stage gobbler for onny egg.
Even though macbot was rarer than the adult tine I didn’t care and said this: “Adults look ugly I starting to get annoyed with her in my cove anyways XD lol”

like bruh i literally said i got annoyed with having a macbot XD i hate my child self.
I saw somewhere that I said I had the side account @pea and when I went to check it thinking it was my long lost account with a ton of my creatures I found out it was @nut ‘s newly renamed side account and the creatures were hers xD I was so excited for a second.
Found this cute moment I had with a friend I forgot I was friends with XD
When I was about to leave on hiatus:

@bunnyshadow : If you leave, who else will I call Yo-cup?! D8
Me: Actual Yogurt for instance xD
@Bunnyshadow: :c

XD there’s so many other people that i had so much fun talking to. Sorry if i forgot about you or our friendship. Please reconnect if you remember me haha


What are some funny things youre finding when you read some really old posts and mail? Any horrible or amazing trades to reminisce about? share them here haha

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frankenstein • 10 June 2020 at 8:08 AM

Well, I've only been here a year, so I don't have anything like that on this site, buuuuut...

When I look back at posts on old sites, or things I've done, I sure wonder what I was thinking. I too have traded away rare, one of a kind things because I didn't know their value and I was young. I also get melancholy seeing all the people I used to talk to because a lot of them disappeared from the sites without any explanation and haven't been back in years.

A few older or chronically ill folks I knew passed. I was cleaning out my old messages on Magistream and found a nice PM from a user who passed away and it made me cry, lol. I still have it.

I think most of my posts nowadays are an accumulation of all my experiences growing up on the internet, which means I try my hardest to avoid cringy behavior and situations.

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totallynotjoey • 10 June 2020 at 9:36 AM

There was too much cringe in my old mail. I reread it all once and never again omg

One of my PM title things was something like 'nAmEs uFt tRalaLAlAlaALAlalLAla~' and inside the PM I was like, 'sorry for the title! just tryna get your attention' omg I want to barf. There were so many other c r i n g e fests that I never want to look at again XD It was only like 2 years ago and holy crap I was really gross back then omg

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sparklefox • 10 June 2020 at 10:57 AM

My old forum posts are some of the cringiest pieces of crap I've ever written, even if I can't remember doing so. I used to really love roleplaying but I was the absolute worst at it. I also seemed to like posting in this thread called "Eggcave Vending Machine"... I never really traded back then (and still don't, to be honest), so I fortunately don't have any "traded away rare creatures for low amounts and regretted later" moments that I can recall.

I kinda quickly skimmed through some pages of forum posts. Posting them as screenshots so some context (title, date, whatever) isn't lost. I might edit this later with more if I can be bothered.

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fanficmelon • 10 June 2020 at 1:38 PM

oh man the cringe ive posted is the literal whole reason i switched accounts twice- my first account was deleted, but here are some of the highlights of my child self, in text block format.

My first forum post was a competition to see who could ping me the most times with the winner receiving a cave common- I went through a Warrior Cats phase and made 17 WC roleplays all with the exact same plot (none of which got over 80 posts)- I made ripoffs of anime characters and used them as my characters in roleplays- I based my whole literal account along an anime that isn't even that good and kept quoting quotes from it and confusing innocent people- I typed in the same style that an overexcited 6-year-old would- I went through an emo phase and started complaining about the unfairness of society in a bunch of posts that the mods had to remove- Along that line, I made extremely edgy ocs such as Shadow the edgy kid who wears bandages and lives in a cult, oh and dont forget Spark the neko neko nii-san. Yes, I did roleplay these characters with literal other people, Im kind of sorry for the people I used to roleplay with here- there is literally this one post that just has the word "ok" in it- Oh yes, and the post that is entirely filled up with 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆- So all in all, I was the lord of cringe. This stuff was from only around a literal year ago. I don't understand what my thought process was back them X,D

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magenta • 16 June 2020 at 9:34 AM

omg yesss i think you already saw my whole 'IM FREAKIN QUITTING' meltdown on my old account @chrismas123 xDDD that WAS a whole cringefest and i think i used to be really into RPing when I was younger and I had a whole avengers RP with other 2k posts xDD but the rest of my warriors RPs never had much traction I read through some of my old threads and I think at one point I wanted to trade a mo...for a florn?? xDDD idk how i wasnt banned on this site lmao