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What type of pets do you have? (Multiple answers allowed.)

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duckduck • 10 August 2020 at 4:31 PM

Hello! The summer semester just ended for me, and my transfer to a different university was interrupted by COVID. I’m now a senior with no classes for Fall, as everything I need filled up while I was sorting things out with the transfer :/ I use eggcave a lot as a stress reliever, so I’ve been online fairly often the last few days haha

I usually only log in once a week or two to check on things and work out trades, but I’d love to get to know other users a little better. I’m working towards becoming a zoo keeper, but I’m also allergic to fur lol

Does anyone else have any pets? I absolutely love reptiles, and I’ve got two snakes: a blood python named Blue and a boa constrictor called Milo. I’ve also got a poison dart frog that I named Cricket

Feel free to post any pictures of your pets!

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yogurt • 10 August 2020 at 4:45 PM

@duckduck I just got a cat! Dad, sister, and BF are allergic to cats so I specifically looked for a Russian blue. They were having mild reactions at the beginning but have gotten used to him now. I named him Tuna Melt. I’ve had him for a week now and we’re starting to get close.

He’s super talkative so it’s perfect right now to keep me company during quarantine xD but low maintanance enough to take him with me in case i have to move out again for school.

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pwuffy • 10 August 2020 at 5:55 PM

@duckduck i have a dog named kenda she is very fluffy and soft! here's a picture of her:

she's about 9 years old now but still acts like a puppy & is in perfect health! she's very funny and smart and really has a strong personality. i love her a lot and she is my snuggle buddy every time i'm watching a movie with my family or just hanging out on the couch. she also likes to come lay by my desk while i'm on the computer and most nights she ends up sleeping in my room lately.

i am so jealous that you have snakes! i would love a pet snake but probably not until i move out. my favorite animals are rats so i would love a pair of pet rats too, but they only live for a few years and i don't think i can deal with the heartbreak :'(

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duckduck • 11 August 2020 at 10:54 PM

Ahhh Tuna Melt is such a cute name. And that’s really cool, I didn’t know there were any hypoallergic cat breeds. I just googled it and they look so cute, I love their coat color. I had looked into getting a hairless cat a few years ago, but they just kind of freaked me out to be honest haha. I did have hairless guinea pigs though, but they were really cute. They kind of look like miniature hippos

Oh wow she is adorable!! I really miss my dogs. They’re really more my mom’s dogs but we have a 14 year old named Nellie and a 1 year old puppy named Quincy. Snakes are really good pets I think, but a lot of people seem to fear them when they’re really harmless. My last roommate hated them, and I felt really bad because she said that she worried about them a lot at night (and they were both only like 1/2lb then). When I was interning at a zoo, the snakes and the spiders were definitely the two most hated animals by guests (although most people were really open to them) and it made me kind of sad because they’re really cool. To be honest I’m kind of 50/50 on the spiders though

Rats are really awesome pets too! I had wanted to get some a few years ago and I actually decided against it for the same reason lol, I just hate that they don’t live longer. I’d love to get a praying mantis but most species only live for like 6 months to a year

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cleokitty • 12 August 2020 at 12:37 AM

Gosh thats so cool!! I love snakes and frogs!

I have two cats, one of which is the inspiration for my username, and too many plants to count right now! c: I love them a lot!
There's Cleo, my ever-exhausted old lady kitty that I've had for 14 years now!! She likes to nap and is just the cuddliest cuddlebug ever :,]
And Cookieboots, a bully we found on our doorstep a little over a year ago- we love her very much, shes so fun to have around! She'll follow you from room to room, gets the zooms real often, loves to destroy boxes, gets into any food you may have lying around, shes just an overall rascal! She rocks! And I have plenty of good photos to share!!
[Here are a few!~]
And Cleo!:

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duckduck • 12 August 2020 at 12:52 PM

Oh wow they are both so cute! Cookieboots looks so fluffy, I love when they zoom omg xD My friend got a kitten last year and he would always just run through all the rooms. And he is so vocal. And wow 14 years is awesome! My family’s dog just turned 14, old lady pets are so sweet

I’ve had the snakes for 2 years now and I absolutely love them, snakes are honestly such goofy and simple animals. I’ve worked with a bunch of different reptiles (and this is only anecdotal) and I really think snakes are the least bright, but they don’t really need to be for their lifestyle lol. I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel about the frog before I got him in January, but I got really attached pretty immediately. Since he’s so small, I never handle him unless I’m moving him, so he’s never really developed any fear of people standing near the tank. He always comes right up to the glass when people come in, and I think he just wants to be fed

It took me a while to figure out how to use imgur haha



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cleokitty • 12 August 2020 at 10:34 PM


And gosh yeah I love it when Cookieboots zooms, we have wood flooring that provides little traction- so she just skids!! Its wild, but she looks like shes having a good time!!

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duckduck • 14 August 2020 at 2:31 PM

Thank you!! I love them so much. My python is super laid back, she literally almost never moves, and my boa is continuously active. He just constantly tries to climb as high as possible, but he’s so goofy and uncoordinated. Last year he went through a metal ring attached to a suction cup that held his hammock and it got stuck 2/3 down his body, and I had to skip class and Uber to the vet at like 7am. I was 20 years old and crying and still wearing what I slept in with this snake. I think they felt bad for me because they actually helped me for free xD the Uber driver thought it was hilarious though

Awww that’s so cute! My mom’s dogs are always sliding around the tile when they’re chasing toys and it’s like they’re drifting lol. Do you know what breed of cat she is? She looks so soft

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yogurt • 14 August 2020 at 2:44 PM

@duckduck yea they produce less of a certain protein that causes allergies but they still make some so it really depends. You might be alright XD my dad has a bit of reactions but then he’s fine after a couple of days.

I just started looking into raw cat food diets and I gave tuna his first taste yesterday! He seemed to love it and it was begging for some pieces while I was still preparing the food. It comes out to like 50 cents a day and so I think I can totally do it. I didnt have a bone grinder or a strong blender so I ended up having to bake some egg shells and grind them up to make sure he gets enough calcium. He seemed to love it tho and I woke up to him sleeping on my leg and my stomach all night so maybe he loves me more now LOL

And i totally get what you mean about the hippo looking hairless guinea pigs lol Still cute. XD I used to have 3 hamsters but they were a bit crazy and omg the one named vanilla basically murdered the rest. .-. it was gruesome. I dont think I’ll have hamsters for a while lol especially not with a cat!

For your snakes do you feed them like mice??

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cleokitty • 16 August 2020 at 5:26 PM

Sorry for the late response!!
Your snakes sound like such pals! and sdkgjhskdjg that sucks!! I'm glad they were able to help though !

And we honestly have no idea! She's the kind you find on a porch! :] Though we think she looks real similar to a Norwegian forest cat!!

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justagiannamoment • 25 August 2020 at 5:42 PM


I just graduated from college and while I was in college I had a secret hamster that was named Fish (because the only pets that the university allowed were fish ?) I also had/have a 10 gallon fish tank with guppies and a African dwarf frog named Trevor (from Harry Potter). I also have a pretty big collection of plant babies!

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holfrisky • 26 August 2020 at 7:18 PM

I have two birds named XIaobai and Prince. I got Xiaobai this January but only got Prince in March. Prince is a playful little boy, and Xiaobai enjoys to bite the sticks in the cage. They're budgerigars/parakeets and screech all morning. I've had fish before and once a hamster and a turtle, but never a cat or a dog.

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duckduck • 1 September 2020 at 12:15 PM

Awwww that’s so sweet that he likes the raw diet! And it’s awesome that you added the shells for calcium, that’s usually overlooked in a lot of pets haha. We used to get a lot of people trying to donate reptiles and amphibians that had metabolic bone disease because they weren’t given the right nutrients at a young age. It’s heartbreaking to see them with bone defects And yeah haha it’s not glamorous but rats and mice are usually the standard for snakes, and I just buy bulk of frozen rats for mine. People disagree on it, but personally feeding live rats just seems like an unnecessary risk for the snake with not really any benefits other than ease

No worries! I’m so bad at keeping up conversations when I don’t stop in often enough, because my memory is so awful xD They’re both adorable, though! They’re probably wondering why you’re home all the time now with the lockdown lol

Ahhhhh fish xD Thats so cute. I hated the dorm rules at my college, they wouldn’t allow anything. For the first year of college, I had to literally drive 3 hours every week to my parents house where they let me keep the snakes. They needed to eat every weekend and my parents were scared of feeding them themselves haha. I almost got an African dwarf frog, they’re so cool!! I’ve never been good with dealing with water requirements though, so I ended up getting a terrestrial frog instead

Oh cool! My neighbors used to have parakeets, I love how they repeat stuff and sing. One of my neighbor’s had a skin issue and he’d continuously peck at it, so they had to make an extremely tiny cone that he needed to wear until it healed lol.

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yogurt • 1 September 2020 at 12:29 PM

@duckduck oh some people do whole prey diets for the cats too LOL I haven’t gotten there yet bc it’s so expensive but I may buy a rabbit one day for him to see how he likes it. Plus it’s so interesting to watch them prey on something like they would in the wild. Makes me feel like I have a little monster hahaha anyways I just got a new grinder and it took me 3 hours last night making him raw cat food with the bone this time. The tendons kept getting caught in the gears so it was rough xD I thought I made a months worth of food but all the work was for just 16 days worth. The clean up process was extensive too lmao oh well I’ll get better at it hahaha

Also measuring out his 4 vitamin supplements was a hassle Smh

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powgal15 • 22 November 2020 at 5:44 PM

@duckduck WARNING: I have A LOT... Here we go... I have 3 cats, 6 chickens, and a guinea pig, and others that died are: one cat *sigh*, two fish, 2 chickens, one guinea pig, and one dog that was EVIL so we had to sadly get rid of her... I LOVE my cats!!!! The cat that died was named Pickles, and he was the best (and derpiest) cat I had ever met. He ate waffles, wagged his tail, stuck his tongue out randomly all the time, bit people for no reason, but he had died of cancer... I MISS HIM SO MUCH

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twilight_cloud • 29 November 2020 at 2:20 AM

I have a small petting zoo. Heh.

I have Gerbils, Rats, Mice, a Corn Snake, Beach Mice, Acacia Rats, and two cats.

@Powgal15 I'm so sorry for your loss.

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ancientclaw • 5 December 2020 at 9:04 PM


Oh wow I've never heard of Beach mice or Acacia rats before, I had to look them up. They look so cute!

I have a quite a few pets,, 2 cats, 2 dogs, a leucistic axolotl, crested gecko, bearded dragon and banana ball python.

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twilight_cloud • 5 December 2020 at 9:07 PM


I'm not surprised as both are pretty new to the pet trade in the US. Axolotl's look so cute and the Banana morph is one of the prettiest ball pythons, in my opinion.

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nightslayer300 • 23 December 2020 at 11:41 PM

I have a kitty named Patches!

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jaywesome • 31 December 2020 at 3:40 PM

I have three orange cats Taco, Peer(Dutch for pear) and Mango. I love them so much. Taco is 10 years old, Peer 5 years and Mango 8 months.

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powgal15 • 19 March 2021 at 6:01 AM

@yogurt Cute name! I like it! @pwuffy ADORABLE!!! Okay, so I have 5 cats (1 died R.I.P. Pickles), 2 fish (dead), a dog (gone for reasons cuz she was a jerk XD), 7 chickens (2 dead), and 2 guinea pigs (one dead R.I.P. Bug).

My cats
Lady L
Cranberry (our newest one!)

I also have Pickles (a black cat who derped a lot, passed away; I will always miss your bleps) and Paxton (sassy boy, manx mix who is alpha though he has a high-pitched voice XD)

My guinea pigs, Bug (died, good at tricks) and Waldo (punk rocker)

My betta fish me and my bro had when we were little, Speedyfast (my bro's, he was like 5 when he named him), and Sweetiepie (male but pink, I thought I could change a fish's gender for some reason, would go nuts sometimes) Died from our cats being "curious"

Our chickens, Boss Mabel (Gravity Falls reference), Princess Leia-eggs (Dad making a Star Wars pun, oldest), Kitty (died, she was very fluffy and cute, I think our rooster killed her, named her because one time I saw a book called A Dog Named Kitty so I was like WHY NOT), Blacky (was a rooster, even though he wasn't supposed to be, died because he was a jerk and nobody would take him so my Dad chased him into the woods and *insert death here*), Emperor (I named her, second oldest), Pidgey (smallest, my bro named her after the Pokemon hoping she was male [SERIOUSLY BRO?!]), Tiny (my favorite, flew up a tall tree once, originally was the smallest, coincidentally)

Corder, our puppy, long story...
So, once I made up a story when I was about 6 about a beagle called Corder (Quarter but I was bad at spelling) because I wanted a beagle. Our jerky neighbors (they didn't fix their fences so their dogs pooped in our yard, their kids misbehave a lot, they are pretty bad overall) dogs Angel, a beagle, and *insert name here*, a mini pincher, had puppies! They were so cute, I bribed mom and dad for hours a day until finally we got one! Her name was Corder, named after the story dog, and she was a NIGHTMARE. She chased me and my bro around our house, biting us. When we first took her to the dog park, that morning, she chased me and bit my arms. When we got there, she chased me LITERALLY THE WHOLE TIME and bit my legs. I was head to toe covered in bite marks. The only time she was friendly was when she was tired. I read her dog stories! Soon, we knew what we had to do. We found someone who is a dog trainer who wanted her, so they adopted her. And, we could visit her whenever we wanted to! About a day later, THEY GOT RID OF HER!! NOT EVEN A DOG TRAINER COULD LAST A FEW DAYS WITH HER!!! I miss her sometimes.

So, that's my pets! Sorry the list is long...

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mithmel • 7 April 2021 at 2:39 AM

I don't have pets.
I would love to have a cat.