A 'sold' section in Trades, like there is in Auctions (and maybe a 'bought' section added?)

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heatherm19 • 27 August 2022 at 4:51 PM

What the title says. 😊

I have a bad memory, and often can't remember exactly what I've sold or bought. I really like the 'sold' tab in Auctions. it's a great reminder of what I've sold recently (seriously, I can look at it and see something I sold a few weeks ago and completely don't remember selling). It would be very convenient if we also had a 'sold' tab in Trades, it could be much like the 'offers' page in terms of layout I guess, just a simple way to see what transactions we've had lately.

And speaking of transactions, it'd also be really helpful to have a 'bought' section, both for Auctions and Trades. This idea actually came to me when I couldn't remember the huge, 10mec trade I'd made a few days ago (I knew I'd spent that much on something important, but couldn't remember what) (I did eventually remember).

So basically, just more 'logs' in general I guess? Sections logging what we've bought, sold, etc would be extremely helpful for those of us without perfect memory!

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snowywinter • 27 August 2022 at 6:27 PM

I'd second this. Even if it wasn't long term and only the buyer and seller could see it. A week maybe. (I know this stuff takes server storage space.)

But I like to keep records of what I've bought and sold (and Thank people for trades/auctions once they are complete.) Unfortunately, the past few weeks with the latest browser upgrades, it's been crashing a LOT and I lost my tabs several times. Would have been really nice to know who I got what from. Some form of on site record.