I'd rather be treated like an ignorant kid than like a complicated guy. 24 Sep 2017, 5:12 AM

26 October 2013
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happy teacher's day!

now let's all agree, to never be creative again

i don't know what's worth fighting for
or why i have to scream
i don't know why i instigate
and say what i don't mean
i don't know how i got this way
i know it's not alright
so i'm breaking the habit
i'm breaking the habit tonight

i'm currently in semi-hiatus, so i'm not having a
profile for the moment. i still check in everyday and i'll be back on the fourth of oct.

do not post links on my wall or ask for trades
during the time i'm gone. please.



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4 hours ago

I just cant believe it...Its already been two whole months 3

1 day ago

Hello! Is your Vaccin, Maggen*, Motjaa, Hinonia*, Nunny*, Vitta, Luminese* or Ami* for trade?
* means I really want hehe

2 weeks ago

you haven't read harry potter yet?

1 month ago

oh... your profile 3 #RIPChesterBennington

1 month ago


2 months ago


3 months ago

for supplementary.

3 months ago

Thankfully, we don't have supplementary lessons for June. But we won't have any September holidays though, for it would all taken away-

3 months ago

so what are your plans for these holidays?

3 months ago

so technically nobody will know each other xD. I'm still socially awkward tho so it might be a little challenging for me to start fresh

3 months ago

I've actually already finished my exams haha. Now's just the starting-at-a-new-school part lol xD. but I'm starting out as a freshman -

3 months ago

that means i have to go back to the classroom very soon >.<. Also I'm starting out at a new school which makes it even scarier

3 months ago

you're about halfway through the school year right? Is that how it works over there? Here our school year restarts next month so -

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