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June Is All About Terrariums

June 1, 2020 at 12:00 AM

Random Theme Month: Terrariums

This month's random theme was suggested by @chapus in Egg Cave's user-run Discord! June at Egg Cave is all about terrariums! Welcome to a brand-new month with us.

Cash Shop Monthlies

These beautiful creatures are home to their own micro-landscapes! Say hello to the Eveheer and Terraturt. They're available through June 30 until 11:59 PM ECT in the Cash Shop.

Cave Monthlies

New terrarium-like creatures are available in the Cave. This is the Lasornic and Whalerarium! Find these there during this month and this month only!

Comments: 86

idol • 1 Jun 2020, 7:45 AM

Love them all though am I the only one who feels like maybe the first two of the ladybug should be swapped?? Just to visually a bit more.. Idk XD just me?

dawnfur • 1 Jun 2020, 7:54 AM

Love the cave monthlies

nap • 1 Jun 2020, 8:42 AM

They are beautiful, I feel like cave monthlies should be cash shop monthlies tho

ethereality • 1 Jun 2020, 9:56 AM

Wow the cave monthlies are stunning this month!! Feel like they should be swapped lol

tetromino • 1 Jun 2020, 10:14 AM

Terrariums love this concept!! all the creatures are so pretty

nut • 1 Jun 2020, 10:14 AM

wow, the lasornic totally looks like it could be a csp

fanficmelon • 1 Jun 2020, 10:23 AM

Aaaaah so pretty I love the Whalerarium one! but it's so hard to spell... Don't know why everyone's saying the adopts should be switched, cause this way I can hoard these adorable whales Not that the other ones are bad, I just think the whale one is the best-

frankenstein • 1 Jun 2020, 10:26 AM

Wow, they're all gorgeous this month!

dragistar12 • 1 Jun 2020, 10:30 AM

I really like the Cave monthlies, especially the Whaleralium! I like the child stages of the CSPs, but after that, not really to be honest.

murfijs • 1 Jun 2020, 11:16 AM

did they just make a new habitat, lake? yeah boi!!

ravensong • 1 Jun 2020, 11:24 AM

I like the teen stage of the Lasornic and all of the stages of the Whaleralium.

skyfall4 • 1 Jun 2020, 12:11 PM

Oh heck! This is a really creative theme!

hinokazes • 1 Jun 2020, 1:11 PM

I kinda like all the pets, that's rare ! Only thing is... I'm not a fan of the last stage at all ^^'

jlya • 1 Jun 2020, 1:47 PM

Oh my worddddddddd ~ *Is very likely to hoard the cave monthlies* How are they not cash shop creatures??

yogurt • 1 Jun 2020, 2:19 PM

How is the whale creature’s habitat the northern plains lol

asbe • 1 Jun 2020, 2:40 PM

Got both Cave monthlies on release date. It doesn't happen that often ^^

foxbit • 1 Jun 2020, 3:28 PM

Okay, now I feel the urge to hoard Lasornics. Pretty glass horsie!! *-*

rypnami • 1 Jun 2020, 3:52 PM

can't wait to get me some of those glass bbs! I LOVE that whale!!!

jenlou • 1 Jun 2020, 4:06 PM

All of those are so pretty ! ^^

ancientclaw • 1 Jun 2020, 4:43 PM

Oh man I am a sucker for terrarium creatures! This is exciting

Ian • 1 Jun 2020, 5:09 PM

@ancientclaw hehe! We're loving them over here too

chaotic • 1 Jun 2020, 8:32 PM

These are ALL amazing ♡.♡ great job!!

saturna • 1 Jun 2020, 10:43 PM

Awesome concept!

alityria • 1 Jun 2020, 11:43 PM

At first glance I thought that Lasornic and Whalerarium were the CC creatures! Love the concept and the cave monthlies~

shadowfaxe • 2 Jun 2020, 1:44 AM


kota • 2 Jun 2020, 6:26 AM

these, excited for my birthday month, now to wait to steal the cave ones on my bday

stefrawr • 2 Jun 2020, 7:14 AM


rypnami • 2 Jun 2020, 12:50 PM

i still don't have any yet : (

Ian • 2 Jun 2020, 3:19 PM

@rypnami keep trying!

rypnami • 3 Jun 2020, 1:29 AM

got one yay!

sadiepup13 • 5 Jun 2020, 2:59 PM

These are all very beautiful! I'm in awe really great job artists! Can't wait to get a collection!

puppylove3 • 10 Jun 2020, 2:01 PM

Awww, they are so cute!

chaotictreat • 10 Jun 2020, 9:44 PM

I love these so much but I STILL don't have any of either... Why do I always get so many of ones I don't like and none that I do TwT

crystalshard • 11 Jun 2020, 10:59 AM

They look so beautiful! The final evolutions look really interesting, like abstract art

calenlass • 12 Jun 2020, 8:52 AM

@Ian Can I ask why the price for every cove space is increased by 200EC, and the point of that? I get(actually, I can't really) needing to pay for cove space to accommodate new creatures released. Are you guys trying to restrict players having cove space in a pet collecting game?

chaotictreat • 16 Jun 2020, 3:29 AM

It's halfway through the month and I still have none of either, and on top of that half of my creatures have died. Yay :/

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