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Limited Edition Travel: The Scary Patch

October 15, 2020 at 12:00 AM

The Scary Patch

The Scary Patch (r95) will be available and restocking in the Travel Agency for a limited time through October 31.


Comments: 13

iris1929578 • 1 week ago

ooooh :eyes: time to stalk it now

complexum • 1 week ago

ohh looks nice

sparklefox • 6 days ago

Well, time to stalk the Travel Agency...

nexu • 6 days ago

amazing travel

mastergemma • 6 days ago

Whaaaaaaat yes

stevepat2002 • 6 days ago

ravensong • 6 days ago


brookie • 6 days ago

Oh that’s cool

prairie • 6 days ago

This is a really neat Idea!

diamondpeak • 6 days ago

Cool, really like this!

raccoon • 6 days ago

Since everyone is stalking the travel agency... if anyone snatches up any Butterflies in a Rainbow travels (5553ec ithink???) I'm buying them in bulk for 10k each or potentially retired monthlies

asbe • 6 days ago

That moon ^^

marner • 6 days ago

cool idea, having a limited edition item in the regular shops. I might have to try to get my hands on this one!