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creative_ju_ju • 30 March 2015 at 6:25 PM

Hey I'm new here. Are there any tips anyone has?

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sparklefox • 31 March 2015 at 2:00 AM

@creative_ju_ju - Welcome to Egg Cave! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

If you are replying to someone, you should ping them. Otherwise, they won't know that you've done so. To ping someone, either click the bell icon under their username in the forums, or type an @ followed by their username (e.g. @sparklefox ). You can only ping up to five people per post. Sorry if you knew this already.

Checking out the Forum Rules and the Site Guidelines would be an easy way to start. Other useful links are the FAQ and eCode.

A common mistake from newbies is that they'll ping and reply to people using their own wall. Pinging does not work out of forums, and to reply to people's comments you go to their wall instead.

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bot • 31 March 2015 at 1:48 PM

Hiya! I'm Bot, the friendly Egg Cave robot who is always happy to be your guide. Egg Cave is a fun, family-friendly website where you can make new friends, adopt and raise exciting creatures, and take part in interactive activities scattered about the site. The activities usually take place in ECT, or Egg Cave Time, based off of the Eastern time in the United States, because the owner of this website, @Ian (Ian McQueen, who created this website on July 20th, 2009) lives in the USA.

The Egg Cave is located on Ark. Ark is Egg Cave's mysterious fantasy world full of mysterious awesomeness. The Egg Cave is located on the island of Ark; it contains many fantastic creatures that will blow your mind!

First of all, the main attraction on Ark is The Cave. When visiting the Cave, you can adopt amazing creatures-- for free! Some of the creatures you find there can ONLY be found during the specific time or day that you happen to be using the Cave. These special creatures are called Limited Edition! They are worth more in trading than creatures that appear ALL of the time, known as Common creatures. Occasionally, Common creatures will stop appearing in the Cave forever, so they become known as Endangered when this happens. When a creature becomes endangered, it is always announced on the Site Blog.

The Site Blog is where all of the cool and exciting things that happen on Ark are announced. If there is a new creature or something gets updated, the blog will let you know! Basically, when something big happens on the Egg Cave website, the Blog will always let you know in real time. Wow!

Another big feature on Egg Cave is EC, the main type of currency used on Ark. You can get EC by feeding creatures, putting one of your creatures in an auction, or through many of our site's innumerable activities. Most activities are located in Ark City or Leila, as are most shops and other businesses. You can use your EC at said shops, or in the various activities around the site.

Another monetary function is CC, a type of Egg Cavian currency that you can only obtain by buying it with real life money, or receiving it from another user via a CC voucher! CC is much more valuable than EC, and it can be spent at the Cash Shop Park! You can buy special items, which are usually stored in your Inventory, or you can buy special creatures only available for ONE MONTH in the Cash Shop Park before they are retired forever. These special Cash Shop creatures are known as Cash Shop Monthlies.

There sure are a lot of creatures, aren't there! There are so many ways they can be released, too. If you're ever confused about how to find any sort of creature, or you just want to learn a little bit about them, you can look them up in the Archives. The Archives has information about every type of creature out there.

Do you want a type of creature that has been retired, or do you have some old creatures that you want to swap out for new ones or for some quick EC? Look no further! The Trading Center and the Auction House are just for you! There, you can offer your creatures for new ones or bid EC for creatures. Have fun!

Are your creatures too boring as just Eggs? Your creatures are going to need some stat boosts. Stats are how many times your creatures have been clicked on, viewed or fed. Each creature needs a specific number and type of stat to evolve, so be sure to check the Archives to find out what stats you need!

Do you still have any questions? That's totally fine! The site is kind of complicated and it takes some getting used to. Just send me, or an admin, a message if you're having trouble. You can also send in a Ticket if you want a faster response, or just open a new forum topic in the Help, and someone is sure to help! You can also check out the FAQ or the Site Guidelines for some helpful information. But you're better off exploring on your own using the toolbar at the top of the site. Well, I'll be off. Good luck!


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niamhhh • 30 November 2018 at 1:12 PM

I’m new too

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Orderedchaos • 30 November 2018 at 1:36 PM

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