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Welcome to Year 2017

January 1, 2017 at 12:00 AM      

YEAR 2017 - We wish you all a very Happy and Safe New Year! Welcome to 2017. We're so glad to share it with you!


CASH SHOP TRAVELS - Have you snagged our special edition 2017 Cash Shop Travels yet?

CASH SHOP MONTHLIES - This month's random theme is... Gray. We hope that it isn't too dreary for your tastes, although that's what it's all about.

Here are the Celehiro and Janot, available for a limited time from the Cash Shop Park.

CAVE MONTHLIES - Some very wearisome gray Cave monthlies have wondered on to Ark themselves. Boohoo... it's the Whirlz and Mournstrom.

TRINKETS COMING - Trinkets are on their way!

CRW 2017 - Creature Release Week 2017 return soon! Stay tuned for more updates.

Comments: 66

icesparkle22 · 6 months ago

Cave monthlies first yass

jellifysh · 6 months ago

I love the janot

prairie · 6 months ago

OHHH so cool!!

fakeworld · 6 months ago

OMG! Starting off 2017 with amazing artwork/creatures. In love! Happy New Years!

novrain62 · 6 months ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dawnfur · 6 months ago

The janot _

icesparkle22 · 6 months ago

Yass got a Mourn thingy

tikimaki · 6 months ago

Finally! Some good looking creatures... It's been a while

ljacks · 6 months ago

Happy New Year!! Love all of them

metaphor · 6 months ago

Wow, I much prefer the cave monthlies. So pretty.

xxestherxx · 6 months ago

They're all so adorable I'll take 10 of each.

thursdays_dove · 6 months ago

These are all oh so wonderful.

maleficent · 6 months ago

Wow these are great!Celehiro Egg and 1st stage Whoever the artist or artists are kudos!

raccoon · 6 months ago

happy new year everyone. loving the janot and whirlz

hydradrakon · 6 months ago

Yooooooo the whirlz looks like solis

333 · 6 months ago

Grey stuff is my favourite.

burn · 6 months ago

Guess I'll be selling EC for Janots..

dragrawr · 6 months ago

seeking Mournstrom Janot

pipkitten · 6 months ago

Wow, the art for these creatures is gorgeous!

cutiecupcake · 6 months ago

So great! Happy new year!! #2017 Whirlz and Janot all the way

dragrawr · 6 months ago

<# <#

mrsgiggles · 6 months ago

Happy New Year everyone!

asbe · 6 months ago

It's the first time I consider to get them all four ^^ Great job! And Happy New Year to you all!

sony · 6 months ago

Why is 2017 gray though? D; But these creatures aren't disappointing at all 8D

poptarts · 6 months ago

This artist deserves to be given a trophy. X3

veritaspunk · 6 months ago

They're making me optimistic about this year if this kind of artwork persists, not good for CC balance Celehiro - gotta put a star on it.

teddy267 · 6 months ago

Oh! I'll definitely be buying a Janot on my birthday!!

dragonii · 6 months ago

Love the art its really nice! But does any one else think they have this "crap guys, its 2017... We have to go one more round."

jellifysh · 6 months ago

Okay, yeah, the Janot is the mvp of the month. For now.

izziebee1017 · 6 months ago

Happy New Year!

veritaspunk · 6 months ago

@dragonii That's the fighting spirit, Ronda Rousey is "reflecting" right now if she should go one more round in 2017

scorpio · 6 months ago


tash · 6 months ago

Rhonda got what was coming to her. Actually was up against someone who was good for once. She is a sore loser too. I couldn't be happier

tash · 6 months ago

Back on topic..... Whirlz baby stage

ambivalent · 6 months ago

Mmmmm.. "Mr Grey will see you now" LOL. I actually prefer the cave monthlies over the cash ones!

tash · 6 months ago

Last stage mournstrom is growing on me too. Not very often i prefer the "free pets" over the paid ones.

ladamegrise · 6 months ago

Happy New Year everyone! Love all the new creatures

moonwolfstar · 6 months ago


sparklefox · 6 months ago

The Mournstrom is the most adorable thing.

animegirlalways · 6 months ago

Happy New Year everyone! The Whirlz and Janot are my favorites this month.

silverserpent · 6 months ago

Got a Mournstrom on my first try, but the hatched Whirlz really is my favourite.

spell · 6 months ago

Love the Whirlz

umbregrl · 6 months ago

Happy new year!

bingo · 6 months ago

The cave monthlies are awesome!!

motivecat · 6 months ago

Kinda wish Mournstrom was a CSP -- it's beautiful

jellifysh · 6 months ago

Hopefully the egg cave team keep this momentum throughout the year; the artwork is purely amazing!

nexu · 6 months ago

Happy New Year !! I hope I get some of the cave monthlies, they are lovely

cutiecupcake · 6 months ago

Can't wait for CRW's (P.S for those talking bout UFC I'm glad Ronda lost XD I can't stand her) uhm...anyway...GREAT WORK ARTISTS!

btkrsh · 6 months ago

Gonna catch them all xd

cosmia · 6 months ago

Holy wow. o.o