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You Asked, We Listened: VEND Machine Update

September 21, 2022 at 7:10 PM

The VEND Machine Updated

The VEND Machine has been updated to where you can purchase a creature directly with your quest tokens, as opposed to having to purchase a randomized pool where the outcome is not guaranteed. The VEND Machine now guarantees the creature you're purchasing, leaving nothing to chance when you're questing and collecting.


More Creatures Than Ever

There are now 94 creatures currently available at The VEND Machine. The creatures that were originally available in a prize pool are now available as individual creatures. Previously retired VEND Machine creatures have also come back!

Creatures that are currently available at The VEND Machine will have "Available at The VEND Machine" listed as their availability status in the Archives as opposed to something less helpful like "Retired."

Creatures that you can purchase with your on-hand tokens right now are highlighted in green at The VEND Machine.

Creatures Brand New to The VEND Machine

There are 17 creatures that are newcomers to The VEND Machine. They've never been available before at The VEND Machine. They're mostly Cave monthlies from 2013 and 2014, with two from January of 2015. They are: Kinka, Zubflug, Nilby, Heims, Pami, Vulpselle, Lotty, Barthug, Borro, Curcull, Candit, Harpis, Jelal, Mystic, Sweesh, Eftsala, and Grandinum.

Tokens Cost Update

Token costs have been updated for all creatures at The VEND Machine. All token costs target the same range of approximately 50 to 100 tokens per creature—the same as before this update—split up among the different types of questing tokens.

This means that token costs have neither risen or fallen on average, but have simply been reshuffled for each creature. Since this was a transition from pools to purchasing individual creatures, please understand that it was impossible for us to keep the requested token types the same for whatever creature you may have been working on collecting.

What do you think?

Let us know what you think of this update in the comments section! Do you think you'll begin questing again, if you had stopped?

Comments: 70

umbregrl • 6 days ago

Great! Will try doing quests again!

suzanab • 6 days ago

@heatherm19 All full of hope 😃

nightslayer300 • 6 days ago

Had to do a double-take when i saw that Tawny :0 no way

raindrops • 6 days ago

@Ian Can you tell the us players how long approx the creatures will be in the vend shop or changed? Just wondering. Thx again for the update! 😄

tryvegan4theanimals • 6 days ago

Wow I am so happy right now 😭💕

musicgurl333 • 6 days ago

@raindrops I was wondering that as well!

raindrops • 6 days ago

@musicgurl333 if I find out I will let you know and plz I hope vise-versa as I don't feel like reading a bunch of new blogs. Lol. Thx sweetie!

disney • 6 days ago

I already have a few Hallowolfs….but I’m heckin excited to be able to get more! 😃

ravensong • 6 days ago

So excited to get back to quests...for a bit XD

izziedragon • 6 days ago

Seems much more achievable this way

sinthr • 5 days ago

This is amazing! 😱

hinokazes • 5 days ago

This is very nice, it actually make me try vend again now that I know I can get the pets I want. However, finding 2 items in the stores for 1 token is really hard... At least, there's the ice cream one that only ask for 1 item, so I manage to do it, but I fear for the others :/

poserpanda • 5 days ago

I am loving being able to get exactly what I want, in the VEND machine!

heatherm19 • 5 days ago

@poserpanda Same! The only problem is I can't decide which one I want to focus on first! So many awesome new creatures in there.

Ian • 5 days ago

@heatherm19 tip: pick some of the most popular creatures first from VEND, because they’re likely to retire and run out of stock first.

poserpanda • 5 days ago

@heatherm19 Good luck choosing! And happy hunting.

sapphire12 • 5 days ago

Im? My dream came true?

sapphire12 • 5 days ago

I cant believe this - I might actually become active again

sartre • 5 days ago

I love this hope I get them all

snowywinter • 4 days ago

wow, y'all all vultures! 45 items sold in one day! It took me a month to stock my shop. : P < 3 || @Ian *gasp face emoji* Say it isn't so! I don't have nearly enough tokens to get my dreamies yet