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bloom • 6 May 2017 at 4:43 PM

I am obsessed with anime, but the only problem is that I don't know which anime to watch next!

The profile of this creature: I am currently watch Steins; Gate. However, when I am finished, which anime from my wait list should I watch next? again, here is the creature:

Thank you!!

- Flakes

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lykhaos117 • 13 May 2017 at 11:45 PM


This should help!

FMA:B is my favorite anime ever, so I highly recommend that.

I also enjoyed Black Butler, Assassination Classroom (the first season; haven't seen most of the second yet), and what I've seen in Death Note (about 2/3-3/4 through, but I heard it looses some of the excitement towards the end). There are others on your to-watch list that are also on mine, but I can't make a good judgement on them since I haven't watched them.

What do you typically look for in a series, and what are some things you try to avoid?

And I'm a bit curious about why you'd never watch certain series. It's your opinion, though I personally like Attack on Titan and No Game No Life. Not saying you have to or should try to.

Hope this helps!

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bloom • 18 May 2017 at 4:32 PM

I'm avoiding some inappropriate scenes, although Noragami has some, I could possibly skip it. I personally don't like No Game No Life because of this one scene that just POPPED up, also Attack on Titans is very popular, however that set bothers me a bit. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, it's really hard to animate.

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lykhaos117 • 18 May 2017 at 6:59 PM


That makes sense.

Based on what you said, I think FMA:B would be best. All the ones I mentioned in my other post have a lot less scenes of that nature than NGNL if I remember correctly. Black Butler had a few, Assassination Classroom had one or two, and Death Note might've referred to things of that sort with nothing shown, but I think the only scene like that present for humor was one of the ones in Assassination Classroom. But I could be remembering wrong, though.

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silvershadow • 19 May 2017 at 5:44 AM

@popcornflakes *gulp* I uh... i have no idea if... you'd like it or not... but.... buuuut.... maybe just try.... *drumroll* Free! (Iwatobi Swim CLub!!) sure, there is a lot of shirtless guys scene but it's the feels that count for me *fangirls* again, i have no idea how'd you feel about this but oh well, even if i get flamed down, i go down with dignity 0.0

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0xid3li • 25 May 2017 at 8:38 PM

You have to read Guilty Crown. This anime is one of my favorites in all of time. It does include kissing scenes and ONLY kissing scenes. These kiss scenes don't go into detailed mode or anything. It's appropriate for ages 12+.

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bloom • 4 June 2017 at 3:04 PM

I heard of Free! and I actually think it looks pretty good. Shirtless boys is fine with me, especially the fact that they have a REASON to be that way. I listened to the theme song and I'm putting that on my wait list.

I'm fine with these romantic scenes (unlike Sword Art On-line). I'll think about it.

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silvershadow • 4 June 2017 at 8:57 PM

@popcornflakes THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT SAYING THAT I AM A GENERAL NERD but anyways, have fun! ^^

Deleted • 7 June 2017 at 8:13 AM

Well, I don't watch anime much but I like to watch Charlotte. DONT JUDGE ME! it's pretty good though.

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0xid3li • 23 June 2017 at 10:14 AM


How about checking out It's a great community from what I've seen in my visits there. I'm becoming a member soon so add me if so? There, you can find animes based on the genres of your liking. Pls don't EVER read Boku No Pico!!!

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element • 23 June 2017 at 11:09 AM

Heya, so I've got a nice list of anime I'd recommend you watch here. A chunk of the titles are missing, but that was because I compiled that list back when profiles had a limit of only 500 words xP A quick google search should pull up the show though with that key word.

A nice alternative to No Game No Life and Sword Art Online is Log Horizon. Highly recommend it for it's more realistic and logical approach to being trapped in a MMORPG...there's also hardly any ecchi in it. Btoom! has a little ecchi in it but not fanservice level, and is overall an interesting anime if you like a suspenseful romance - it's a survival game anime so it keeps you on the edge of your seat, hoping the protagonists survive to the end xP

Psycho-Pass, Ajin, Madoka Magica, Mushibugyo, and Katanagatari are some of my top recommendations. Ajin uses CGI so it might take some getting used to but the plot and character development is amazing. Katanagatari is slow paced, but is a mix nice of Inuyasha and Samurai Champloo (also great watches). Don't let Madoka Magica fool you at first, it's a psychological thriller for a reason. Give it 3-4+ episodes and you should love it.

Naruto, I know you said you'd never watch, but I'd recommend the 1st arc and the earlier seasons in Shippuden (if you could watch some Fairy Tail, you can give Naruto a shot imo ;P). Bleach is also pretty good main stream one for the first 3 seasons. Hunter x Hunter also gets a lot of praise but the mangaka is slow with updates. HxH's mangaka also created Yu Yu Hakusho. It's an 90's anime, so the animation isn't that great but it was one of my favorites growing up along side Naruto, Samurai Champloo, Inuyasha, and Bleach. FMA:B is a remake of FMA, so you might want to just watch FMA:B instead - there's a few changes plot-wise and have heard that Brotherhood is more true to the manga than FMA is.

Nozaki-kun is an amazing comedy anime. I don't LOL much when watching anything, but this anime will have you laughing so hard if you can get the context so sub is highly recommended over dub.

Ao Haru Ride and Ookami Shoujo are nice slice of life....and I normally don't like those, but these are adorable.
Code: Breaker is like a mix between YYH and Noragami. Wish there were more episodes for the anime, but the manga is continues beyond that.

I also recommend The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and The Tale of the Princess Kaguya if you're interested in anime movies. Mononokie and Spirited are like the gateway drug of the anime industry, I swear but I suspect you might've watched them already? If not, put those two at the top of your watch list asap!

Sorry for the lengthy post. I love anime xP All my recommendations have little to no ecchi/fan service, because I hate the stuff too. Anyways, tell me what you think if/when you've watched any of these.

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purgatory • 23 June 2017 at 12:41 PM


'ello there! I don't watch anime that much nowadays (stickin' to reading), but these are some that I personally LOVE.

I highly recommend Hunter x Hunter.(2011) It's about a boy who tries to become a "hunter" to try to find his father (search it up to learn more). I read the manga but I only watched 1/2 of the entire series. There are hardly any inappropriate scenes (just mostly fighting scenes). It's like DBZ, but with a more anime style art and (in my opinion) cooler fighting scenes. You'll love it if you like the genre adventure.

One of my childhood favorites, CCS (Card Captor Sakura). I watched every episode and every movie AND read the manga (even the Crystal Card Arc). It's a bout a girl who accidently awoken all the cards and tries to capture them with Cerberus (Kerberos) the flying lion (idk what he really is ahahaha).There are just a few romantic scenes (no kissing or any of that inappropriate stuff). You'll like it if you like the genre fantasy.

And uhh... some more that I am too lazy to explain!

-Sailor Moon (AHAHA seriously, it's pretty good. I didn't watch the Bishoujo one yet, but it's PRETTY GOOD)
-Yu-Gi-Oh (Yup. I recommend watching Duel Monsters and the GX one)
-Detective Conan (an anime about a 15 year old trapped in a seven year old's body who solves murder mysteries)
-Boku No Hero Academia (Superheroes, what more can I say?)

I would've recommended more anime (that's not on your I will not watch list) but I'm stuck to Hamilton and VLD... so yeh! Have a fab day!

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animalliterature • 5 January 2018 at 12:48 AM

I don't intend to spam or anything but...

Death Note.