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Is this an intersting idea?

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theposiden649 • 5 days ago

@raitonchidori erm here u go 100 true
467 XC
All-time Inbound Clicks: 259 • All-time Outbound Clicks: 663 • Creatures: 3 / 20

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nut • 5 days ago

@raitonchidori here for my weekly report!
new total: 56,640
increase from last week: 1049

might just be me but I feel like the click exchange is a bit more active now

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minnie298a • 5 days ago

The XC is definitely more active at the moment. It has slowly started getting more and more since the beginning of the month, but seems to have exploded the last week or so. Where a month ago I may have been losing 5 to 10 credits a day, I'm losing 80 to 90 just while I'm sleeping at night. It also seems to take less time and creatures to "clear" out the exchange (Saturday I only banked about 2k in credits, as opposed to the 4.5K it took on Sept double feed day).

Well done and thank you to those who have been using it lately.

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nut • 4 days ago

@minnie298a oh that's so great to hear! I've never cleared the entire thing so it's good to have a reference point, haha. I really didn't like when it was full of half-dead eggs from inactive users, seemed like it wasn't helping active users at all. I know you click a ton from reading your blog post comments so thank you for using it as well!

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thecuriouswolf • 4 days ago

@raitonchidori my weekly report
new total: 748
increase from last week: 110

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sodabearjess • 3 days ago

@raitonchidori I would like to join! Here's my proof of current clicks:

lmk if I forgot to put something in this post

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raitonchidori • 2 days ago

@theposiden649 I'll add you. Although, when you complete 1 week (day 25th), please take a print of your All-time Outbound Clicks, upload the picture and post the link here.

@nut Thanks, I'll send your travels now. And yeah, there's been an increase, mostly due to the seeds event, I believe. Hope it gets this way from now on.

@thecuriouswolf thanks. I'll send your travel right now.

@sodabearjess thanks, I'll add you