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cranberrycat1 • 1 week ago

This was a collaboration with @cerynitian we both worked on the art and description.

Creature name: Nalena


We wanted the tail to be colored like the Aurora Borealis but the colors weren't working out for us so we did not color it.

Creature Description:

Egg: Nalena eggs glow green blue and purple like the Aurora Borealis during the night. This phenomenon helps the citizens of ark find these creatures because the light of the egg reflects on the snow that surrounds it. Since the egg is on the snow bed for so long it is cold to the touch but there is still a living creature inside!

Creature: When they hatch they are timid and rarely seen but as they grow older they also grow bolder and are seen more often. One of the favorite hobbies of Nalena creatures is star gazing so they are often found looking at the night sky. So it is often believed that they have a special connection to the stars. Though, you may not see the splendorous deer much because they are known to disappear as winter fades away, perhaps they go to space because they do not like the warmth of summer.

Habitat: Coldworld
Height: 1m
Weight: 10kg
Obtained (Hopefully): CSP

Edit: Credits to tv show/movie Hilda for giving my friend this idea to make a similar creature (and for including me in it)

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wonder404exe • 1 week ago


huh. Thats a nice creature. Gtg look at the art later cant open the link rn I'll edit this post.
Lucky you get to collab with someone- ._.;
I also like the name of the creature

Edit: yoo i would definitely freeze it second stage

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megamisama90 • 1 week ago

@cranberrycat1 and @cerynitian first as I was reading the description I got this idea it might be a wolf or something like that but then the word 'deer' got me and I was thrown off. The description is good and I like how it gives me a change to think something of my own before it tells me what it is. I wish the colors where there but now it's just my imagination making the Aurora Borealis into the Nalena. The baby stage is cute and I like how it matured into the last stage. I hope to see this creature made!

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cranberrycat1 • 1 week ago

Thank you @megamisama90 I also wish we were able to put the colors there but it was kinda messing up the drawing so we decided not to include the colors

@wonder404exe we also really liked the name and thought it resembles the creature too

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icecream • 1 week ago


I like the concept of an aurora deer. Perhaps with the Aurora Borealis tail and with sparkly antlers or fur so it’s like stars in the night sky! The first stage is also really cute I love the pose ^^

edit: I also like how you made the post green, blue, and purple like the Aurora Borealis. Just noticed that haha

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heatherm19 • 1 week ago

I love the description and the baby form is adorable! I'd love to see it with the colors, I bet it'll be so pretty.

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cranberrycat1 • 1 week ago

@icecream that's a nice idea but not sure how to draw it if this creature gets made maybe @/ian could implement that idea

@heatherm19 thank you